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What's a day bed, anyway? Your questions answered

Our blog looks at what day beds are, answering all your questions. Read more over on the Bed Guru website.

16th April, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Despite what the name suggests, a day bed isn’t somewhere you go and sleep during the day. You can if you like, but that’s not what its main purpose is. Day beds ensure the function of your room remains flexible. You can use them in your home office to create a reading space or take a quick power nap. They can also be used in a kids’ or guests room as a more compact sleeping option.

What are day beds?

There are many benefits to day beds, and they have a whole host of applications. There are numerous options available to you, whether you’re looking for a single bed, or two single beds if you’re expecting more than one guest.

Day beds may look like a sofa in appearance, but there are a few subtle differences between the two.

There are multiple perks to having a day bed, they incorporate a bright and fresh style, and can easily fit into your lounge, conservatory or be used in a guest bedroom. They are also incredibly comfy to use, making them a flexible alternative to sofa beds.

What size day beds are available?

Traditionally day beds come as a single bed, but there are a few different variations available. More commonly known as day & guest beds, this style sees your common day bed combined with an extra bed to allow two people to sleep on it.

The common size for a day bed is akin with a standard single bed, measuring 90cm in width and 190cm in length. There are also small singles available that measure 75cm in width and 190cm in length. Making them ideal for apartments/box rooms where space is at a premium.

Are day beds suitable to be used as a sofa?

Day beds are commonly used in lounge areas and conservatories as a decorative piece. But often come in handy in smaller rooms that you’d rather not put a standard single bed in. They quite easily can double up as a sofa used in lounges, that guests can still sleep on if needed.

One benefit is that day beds use standard mattresses, leaving guests pleasantly surprised when they don’t have to sleep on the sofa. However, they are more commonly used as sofas and guest beds.


What style day beds are available?

There are multiple models available for you to choose from. Here at Bed Guru, we a variety of styles including a classic French Louise IVX inspired daybed to a classic county French styled Lyon Day Bed

Different styles suit different aesthetics in your home. Our range of day beds blends bright and vibrant colours with neutral tones to match the décor in your home. Whether you’re looking for a fleur-de-lis style or an elegant and more traditional style, there is something for you.  

Can day beds be used in a kids bedroom?

Day beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for parents when decorating their children's room. Not only do they look good, but they also fit quite easily against the wall in your kid's bedroom. And because they don’t take up much space it leaves room for things like a desk and a wardrobe to fit seamlessly alongside the day bed.

Day beds are also incredibly comfy and can double up as a sofa for your kids if they have mates round or are watching telly. The main thing is the comfort though, day beds use a twin mattress so they truly do make for a comfortable night’s sleep.  

Kids love having sleepovers, so you can simply pull the guest bed out when they have a friend round to stay.

Day beds make great children’s beds, so if you’re struggling for space or inspiration, then consider the day bed!

Can day beds actually be used as your bed?

One of the main advantages of day beds is their level of comfort. So they can be used as your actual bed, but we wouldn’t recommend them for couples.

Day beds naturally come as a single bed, and although you can get an extra bed as an extension they wouldn’t be suitable for couples. If, however, you live by yourself then they are more than suitable to be used as a bed. They don’t consume too much space and can add a touch of class and elegance to your bedroom.


Day beds are a great option for your home and have multiple different uses depending on your space. If you want to know more about day beds, give us a call today or use the live chat below.

A member of our team will guide you through all the options available to you and answer any questions you have.

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