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Where is the best place to have your bed in your bedroom?

Where is the best pace to have your bed in your bedroom? Read more of our help and advice about sleep.

4th October, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Feng Shui Your Bed Like a Master

Are you sleeping in perfect harmony with your bedroom? Follow these ancient Chinese rules and you soon will be.

Put your bed in its proper place and harness the positive chi in your bedroom – you’ll feel calmer and sleep better when you create good feng shui. Here’s how you’ll do it.  

1. Think outside the bedroom

Consider the layout of your entire home before deciding where your bed should go. Try to make sure you’re not sleeping above your oven in your kitchen as the oven's energy disturbs the energy you need close to your bed. Try not to be below or next to your toilet. In fact, if your bedroom’s opposite your bathroom, hang a mirror on your bathroom door to reflect negative energy away from where you’re sleeping. And, if your room’s above your kitchen, stop positive chi draining into it by placing earthly colours under your bed in the form of a rug and look to change the colours of your bed linens and pillows.

2. Pick the proper wall

Try not to sleep under a sloping ceiling or wooden beams, but choose a wall diagonally across from your bedroom door and push your bed against it – check it’s straight, not at an angle, with a gap between your headboard and the wall so chi flows properly. When your bed is positioned like this, you can see anyone who enters your bedroom from the comfort of your mattress which will make you feel calmer and more secure.

Remember, it’s good feng shui to be able to climb into bed from either side – and for symmetry’s sake, both must have a bedside table, no taller than your mattress.

3. Dodge your bedroom door

You shouldn’t put your bed on the same wall as your door only if you really have no other choice. You should try to keep them as far apart as possible to help your chi, but never put your bed directly opposite your bedroom door as this give others a full view of your bed when they walk past your door. You should look to try and have a view of the door from bed without being too close to it as this will give a sense of safety and is conducive to relaxation and sleep.

4. Watch out for windows

Let positive chi flow freely in and out of your bedroom windows, so it doesn’t disturb your sleep and keep you awake. How? Make sure your bed is against a solid wall. Not a window. And certainly not your floor to ceiling window. But if you really have no other option, close your curtains and simulate a solid wall – you’ll feel safer and more secure when you’re tucked up in bed. And more likely to sleep well.

5. Wake up on a wooden bed frame

When it comes to feng shui beds, wood is good. And you’re positively spoilt with options, capable of raising your mattress 45cm off your floor – from the Carwin andRoskear Pine Bed Frames to the Truro and Camborne Pine Beds, giving you good chi with their solid headboards. Of course, an upholstered headboard would be just as feng shui – so long as you pick one without slats, gaps or negative space in it.

Wooden bed frame

Can’t find a bed to fit the most feng shui bit of your bedroom? Ask us to build one for you – tell us the measurements and you’ll get a narrower, wider, shorter or longer feng shui bed to fit perfectly into your awkward space.

6. Pull everything out from under your bed

Alas, storage beds, such as Ottomans and divans, simply aren’t feng shui. Keep the space between your mattress and floor totally empty, clear of clutter which blocks the proper flow of positive chi in your bedroom.

Ottoman end lifting bed

7. Lie on a foam mattress

Support your body and absorb your partner’s tossing and turning with a memory foam mattress. Unlike coil or sprung mattresses, these are considered feng shui because they can’t conduct electricity or interfere with the flow of positive chi in your bedroom. Top your foam mattress with fitted sheets made of natural fibres and duvet covers in feng shui colours, such as pale whites and beige or rich chocolatey brown for the ultimate night’s sleep.  


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