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Which King Sized Beds Are Best For Couples?

Which King Sized Beds Are Best For Couples? Read more from one of the UK's largest online bed retailers, Shop online with Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

16th November, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Are you a snuggler or a starfish? A spooner or prefer your own space? Couples often start by spending the night holding onto each other tightly, but eventually your true nature takes over and you end up resorting back to your favourite sleeping position. If your bed is too small then you better hope that both you and your partner are snugglers, otherwise those duvet battles are going to be epic!

Size matters

When it comes to king size beds for couples, size most definitely matters. You’ll need to take into account the size of your bedroom, how tall you and your partner are, and how you want to position your bed. Let’s break that down a little bit:

Couple playing

How big is your bedroom?

A king size bed is exactly what you’d expect – big! So if your bedroom is small, full of awkward nooks and crannies, a weird shape, or just about big enough to get a bed in as long as you don’t mind putting the wardrobe in the hallway, then you’re going to need to downsize your expectations.

King size beds come in a range of sizes, depending on where they’ve come from. A UK king size measures 5ft wide by 6ft 6” long, a super king is 6ft by 6ft 6”, and an EU king size bed is 5ft 3” by 6ft 6”. You can also get special size kings:

  • Short King 5ft x 5ft 9”
  • Short 5ft x 6ft
  • Short King 5ft x 6ft 3”
  • Short Super King 6ft x 6ft 3”

So even if your new love nest is a little bit cramped, you should still be able to squeeze a king size bed in to fit.

Keeping your toes warm

There’s nothing worse than cold feet in bed, especially if they’re hanging over the edge of the mattress, or crunched up against the footboard. Bear in mind your height (lying down) when you pick your king size bed, so that you can both get a good night’s sleep.

Asleep in bed

King size Feng shui

There may be only a couple of spots in your room where you can realistically put your bed without it becoming an obstacle rather than a feature. Most people feel uncomfortable if the door into the room is behind their headboard, and too close to a window can also put you in direct line of draughts. The size of the bed you choose will also depend on how much space you have in your room. Remember that doors open inwards (usually!) so leave enough space for doors to swing in without hitting the corner of the bed.

Not just for sleeping!

King size beds are perfect if you’re a newly-wed couple and, how can we put this, not as ‘tired’ as you should be in the bedroom! If you enjoy an active sex life then your bed needs to keep up – and definitely not squeak! There’s nothing that will dampen the atmosphere more than a bed that’s lumpy, uncomfortable, squeaky or feels like it’s about to collapse.

A well-made wooden frame bed will keep those squeaks down to a minimum, while a king size memory foam mattress gets rid of lumps, bumps and springs that stick into you, giving you and your partner complete comfort no matter how active you are. And if you enjoy using some toys during your fun time but don’t want to leave it lying around where anyone could see it, why not choose a divan king size bed with some discreet storage space?

Hogging the duvet

If you can’t get comfortable, then you can’t get a decent night’s sleep. Whether that’s flat on your back, curled up on your side, or ‘starfishing’, you and your partner both need some room to spread out and relax. Pick the right sized king size bed and you’ll both have space to get a good night sleep. Just don’t forget to pick a duvet that’s bigger than your bed, otherwise you could end up fighting over the covers or letting chilly draughts creep in and spoil your snuggles!

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