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Wimbledon Sleepers Infographic

With Wimbledon 2016 kicking off today, here at Bed Guru we're looking at how much sleep some of our favourite tennis stars need.

27th June, 2016
by Carl Walsh

With Wimbledon around the corner, the players will be clambering out of their beds ready to be in the spotlight of the world. For an athlete, sleep is one of the most important things they can do in preparation for a competition.

The average time people aged between 18-65 are supposed to be asleep for is between 7 - 9 hours. If we don’t get enough sleep normally we are cranky, easily annoyed and sluggish.  Watching these athletes using up so much energy in training, learning, travelling and playing all over the world you’d believe that all athletes would need more like 12 hours sleep each. 

But how much sleep do our favourite Wimbledon athletes get? Sports stars sleep time varies, and tennis players are no different as you can see below:

Surprisingly, many of these athletes get the recommended amount for the average adult. But based on the amount of exercise that they do you would believe they would need much more sleep. For the likes of Roger Federer who takes an extra 2 hours to the standard and Andy Murray who gets an extra 3 hours this isn’t surprising. What is a shocking statistic is Serena’s sleeping habits, the 23 grand slam winning champion only spends 5 hours asleep. This is actually because it’s more reliant on the quality of the sleep you get and not just the duration. If you only manage to get into stage 1 or 2 during rest hours then you will not recover as well as the people who enter REM sleep for a shorter amount of time. 

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