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5 guru-inspired tips for a stress-free house move

Moving to a new house is stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little self-care and some Bed Guru wisdom, your next chapter will get off to a stress-free start.

7th May, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Moving to a new house is stressful. Being back and forth with estate agents, enduring setbacks, delays, and other headaches is exhausting. All before you even consider the logistics of moving your belongings from one house to the next.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little self-care and some Bed Guru wisdom, your next chapter will get off to a stress-free start.

Women looking at vinyl

1.  Free your house (and mind) from clutter

Moving home is about new beginnings, so what better way to start than with a clean slate? When creating your inventory, ask yourself these three questions and see how many things pile up.

Do I truly need it?

If you haven’t used it for over a year, its functional benefit is likely quite low. Challenge the thought that you might need it eventually and trust the process.

Do I truly love it?

If it doesn’t offer you any peace or freedom, and it has no real sentimental value, the answer is probably no.

Might somebody else need it more than me?

If the answer is yes, take the items to your local charity shop for somebody else to appreciate. Keep in mind that one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Decluttering will not only make your physical move easier, but it's a wonderful way to take stock of what really matters in your life.

Women sleeping

2.  Be kind to yourself

Don't beat yourself up or wallow over the 'ifs' and 'buts' of your house move. When deals fall through and things don't quite go to plan, your response is what matters most.

Prioritise sleep

Stress and insomnia go hand in hand. And when you lose sleep you lose the ability to regulate emotion. So get your full 8 hours and ease the burden on yourself and those around you.

Drink more water

It’s called the elixir of life for a reason. Stay hydrated and go into your house move with a healthy body and a clear mind. Keep a water bottle handy when you're on the move to get your daily 6 to 8 glasses (1.2 litres) that the NHS recommends. 

Gain some perspective

And don't sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to blow the stress of a house move out of proportion, but in the grand scheme of life, this is just one chapter and you will come out of it with lessons learned and experience gained. For more on understanding and dealing with the stresses of life, let this book be your guide.

Let us help

We’ll knock £40 off when you buy any new mattress and divan base and deliver it to your new house for free. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

With your mind and body in order after a great night's sleep, everything else will fall perfectly into place.

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3.  Pack smart

Staying stress-free throughout your move involves keeping a clear head and a bit of forward planning.

Be prepared

Calculate how many boxes you will need and get them in a variety of sizes. Old newspaper, bubble wrap, strong tape, labels, and clear bags are all useful.

Start early

Packing always takes longer than expected, so it helps to make a start on rooms you rarely use like the loft, attic, or basement as early as possible.

Pack an essentials box

This might include snacks, kettle, tea & coffee, toiletries, plates, change of clothes, and a first aid kit. So you’re not opening dozens of boxes when you first arrive in your new home.

Tip: Load the boxes you need least first so you're not climbing over furniture to get something important.

Dog in box

4.  Unpack smarter

Number each room in your new house, and label each box with the number of the room it belongs in. This should make the unpacking part a lot less stressful.

No matter how well you prepare, unpacking will take time. Don’t get disheartened if your new home doesn’t feel like one right away. Settling in can take weeks or months, the most important thing is that you let this process play out in its own time.

Tip: Unpack the kids’ bedrooms first so they’ve got something to be getting on with while you turn your attention to the rest of the house.

Painting room

5.  Accept help

Don't burden yourself with every task. You'll run the risk of burning out and the negativity will reciprocate across the whole house move. Moving home is exciting and so you should accept help from those around you.

Whether it's reaching out to a friend with a van or getting the kids involved with unpacking, we are social animals and we work better together.

Tip: We can remove your old bed and mattress for £45 when you replace them both with us. Simply select the option at the checkout.

Please note bed and Mattress removal is only available when you buy a new bed and mattress and does not include the dismantling of the bed.

With these simple yet effective tips, you’ll be well on your way to a stress-free house move. To find out more about our offers, use the live chat below or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.


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