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Meet the Guru

Sleep is the foundation of good health and wellbeing. When we invest in sleep mentally, physically, and financially, we live longer and happier lives.

Our history

From the early 1900s right up until the 1970s, the Walsh family sold newspapers from a corner shop in Leeds. It was here they became a permanent fixture of the local indoor market, enjoyed and treasured by people far and wide.

In the same spirit, the first family bed shop opened up where it all began. This time, offering the people of Yorkshire (and beyond) quality beds and mattresses at prices they could afford. Complete with free help and advice that was just part of the service. It was the beginning of a philosophy that’s still going strong today.

Three generations and many a peaceful night’s sleep later, the doors of the bed shop finally closed. But as the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell once said “where one door closes, another opens” and soon Bed Guru was born.

After moving the business online, word spread, and Bed Guru went global. Today, you'll find our label on beds and mattresses around the world. From chateaux in France to barges in Blighty. Each one carefully curated over Carl’s 40-year career.

We won't rest until you do

Over the years you’ve told us a lot about the mattresses you love and the beds you’re proud to have in your homes. It’s why we handpick every bed, mattress, headboard, and piece of bedding we sell.

We’ve tested thousands of products and worked with suppliers far and wide to settle on a collection that offers something for everyone. If we wouldn't own it, we don't sell it. It’s that simple.


Carl Walsh

The Bed Guru

Carl Walsh is resident sleep specialist and owner of Bed Guru. His passion for sleep and its potential to positively impact people’s lives has been the driving force behind the family business for generations.

His philosophy is based on the simple truth that everybody deserves a great night's sleep. For Carl, this means continuously investing in ways to make it easier to buy the perfect bed.

Whether it's introducing free nationwide delivery to a room of your choice or sharing tips on the best mattress for your body, Carl's personal approach to service has made Bed Guru the supplier of choice for homes and hotels the world over.

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