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Size Guide

Behold, nearly every standard UK, EU, and custom size we sell. We would list all 200 sizes here, but if we did you’d be here all day. So if you can’t find the size you’re looking for, fear not. We can still make it for you. Just get in touch.

All our mattresses are handmade in Britain

All our mattresses are handmade in Britain. While this means you get the best mattresses in the land, it also means your custom size mattress might not be accurate to the millimetre. So please consider this as a guide only. We list all beds by mattress size required. Some bed frames vary in length and width depending on their design, so please check the specifications of each product before you order.

Standard Sizes

Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Dimensions (Imperial)
UK Single 90 190 3ft x 6ft3
UK Small Single 75 190 2ft6 x 6ft3
UK Wide Single 107 190 3ft6 x 6ft3
UK Small Double 122 190 4ft x 6ft3
UK Double 137 190 4ft6 x 6ft3
UK King Size 152 200 5ft x 6ft6
UK & EU Super King 183 200 6ft x 6ft6

Custom Sizes

Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Dimensions (Imperial)
EU Single 90 200 3ft x 6ft6
EU Double 140 200 4ft7 x 6ft6
EU King 160 200 5ft3 x 6ft6
Small Single (75x160) 75 160 2ft6 x 5ft3
Small Single (75x168) 75 168 2ft6 x 5ft6
Small Single (75x175) 75 175 2ft6 x 5ft9
Small Single (75x183) 75 183 2ft6 x 6ft
Small Single (70x200) 70 200 2ft3 x 6ft6
Small Single (75x200) 75 200 2ft6 x 6ft6
Small Single (80x200) 80 200 2ft7 x 6ft6
Short Single (90x160) 90 160 3ft x 5ft3
Short Single (90x168) 90 168 3ft x 5ft6
Short Single (90x175) 90 175 3ft x 5ft9
Short Single (90x183) 90 183 3ft x 6ft
Wide Single (107x190) 107 190 3ft6 x 6ft3
Wide Single (100x200) 100 200 3ft3 x 6ft6
Wide Single (110x200) 110 200 3ft7 x 6ft6
Short Small Double (122x175) 122 175 4ft x 5ft9
Short Small Double (122x183) 122 183 4ft x 6ft
Short Double (135x175) 135 175 4ft6 x 5ft9
Short Double (135x183) 135 183 4ft6 x 6ft
Short King (150x175) 150 175 5ft x 5ft9
Short King (150x183) 150 183 5ft x 6ft
Short King (150x190) 150 190 5ft x 6ft3
Short Super King (180x190) 180 190 6ft x 6ft3

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