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6 Bedroom design trends you need to try

Looking to update your bedroom décor? Bed Guru guide you through 2016's weird & wonderful design trends...

27th April, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Looking to update your bedroom décor? Not sure where to start with your design refresh? We’ve put together the very latest bedroom design trends to help you find the perfect updates for your bedroom. 

Whether you make a few quick and easy tweaks or go the whole shebang with a complete refit, your space will liven up in no time at all. Here's how to design the sleep sanctuary you deserve, with tips straight from the experts' mouths... 

Step into the jungle

Top notch interior designers have unanimously decided that your bedroom should become an oasis this year. So it’s time to get back to nature. Think floral decor and animal prints inspired by the parks and gardens outside. 2016's eco-friendliest design trend aims to bust stress and improve your mental well-being in style, by making your bedroom look and feel great.

That involves incorporating natural materials and shapes into your bedroom. Opt for rustic wooden bed frames, and an organic mattress made from the finest British wools. Then top them with playful silks, cotton cushions or natural fabrics, to make your bedroom as cosy and inviting as possible.

Plants are having a massive moment in the interior design world right now, so finding some leafy green pals is a must. Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh cut flowers. Get yourself a pot plant or two - succulents and cacti are especially low maintenance.

Rolls at the ready

Wallpaper is making a grand comeback in 2016, so it's time to get your ladder out. Fashionable feature walls at the top, bottom, or even above your bed, make for eye-catching focal points, so long as you pick the right print. Of course, you’ll recall that lush botanical designs are currently all the rage. So don't shy away from tropical motifs, like palm leaves and animal prints.

Colour me pink and blue

If you'd rather get hands on with paintbrushes, the interior design think tanks at Pantone have some advice for you. They’ve announced dusty pastel pinks, like Rose Quartz, and powder blue Serenity as their 'Colours of The Year' - which is great news for your bedrooms. Soothing soft colours like these will help you to wind down, relax, and ultimately sleep.

Live like it’s the 70s

The free-spirited decade is enjoying a modern revival. Designer Jonathan Adler, among others, insists that it's time to do the time warp with taste. So if organic designs aren't for you, how about using impactful geometric shapes on your bed or cushions, walls or throws? Patterned bed linens will pack a chic retro punch, which vintage inspired lamps and fittings can complement beautifully.

Go for gold

Metallics make your bedroom shimmer and pop. But interior designers are no longer interested in copper. That was last year. 2016 is gold's time to shine, and there's no shortage of ways to incorporate a tastefully amount of bling into your bedroom. Again, you have the 70s to thank for this.

For maximum impact, make your bed your statement focal point. There's a golden Faye Bed Frame for pure luxury and sweeping curves. Or the Alexandra Bed Frame below with its striking deep buttoned lush headboard.

That said, it's easy to mix-and-match. Crown your bed frame with a statement brass headboard - which either twists and swirls the Parisian way or stands iron straight in contemporary fashion. Or perhaps a stylish upholstered headboard is more your style. 

Stay practical

Interior design and clutter don't get along. Minimalism rules the roost in 2016. The declutter trend has taken a firm hold this year, with Marie Kondo leading the way and showing us how to do it ruthlessly.

It's all about maximising your space and making your bedroom fully functional - with storage beds and furniture which earns its place by having more than a single use. The contemporary Capri Fabric bed comes with two large side drawers, perfect for keeping spare bedding or bulky clothing.


So there you have it. What are you waiting for?

If you need help revamping your bedroom, or with are interested in finding out more about our bespoke beds and mattresses then please get in touch.  

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