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6 Books to Curl Up with this Winter

Read our blog post on 6 Books to Curl Up with this Winter from Bed Guru the online sleep specialists.

8th December, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Yearning for a good book that sparks your imagination and entirely engrosses you? Any of these 6 top picks could keep you up long past your bedtime, as could our autumn reading list

There’s nothing better (or more ‘Hygge’) than cosying up with a cracking read this winter – whether you’re into thrillers or something more romantic read on.

Swapping your phone or laptop, telly or tablet for a good old fashioned book won’t only give your imagination a work out, help you relax and expand your mind – but you’ll sleep better, without the stimulating blue glare coming from your tech, which keeps you awake.

Old book

The Thriller

Before I Go To Sleep, SJ Watson

Don’t judge the book by the film version, read it and weep. After an accident that’s never fully explained, Christine suffers amnesia and loses her memory. But can she really trust her lover to fill in the gaps? As she relearns her name, identity and the past 20 years of her life every morning, the penny drops that he’s only telling her half the story. Brace yourself for a firework ending.


The Tearjerker

One Day, David Nicholls

You won’t want to read another book for a long time after you’ve finished this tragic comedy, the characters will feel like friends. Dexter Matthews and Yorkshire lass Emma Morley have a one night stand when they graduate from Edinburgh University on 15th July 1988 – and you catch up with their lives on the same day for 20 years. They secretly long for each other, though they live different lives, so it’s a case of ‘will they, won’t they?’


The Autobiography

Spectacles: A Memoir, Sue Perkins

So it turns out that Sue Perkins wasn’t born in the Bake Off tent, in fact, she only mentions it in the closing chapters. And she’s every bit as funny in her book (which doesn’t at all feel like a self-indulgent brag-fest) as she is on your telly. Reading this curled up in bed this winter, you’ll get to meet the down-to-earth woman (who’s survived some relatable rough patches) behind the self-degrading celebrity comedian. Light-hearted and hilarious.


The Chick Lit

To The Moon and Back, Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell can do no wrong, you’re safe picking up anything she writes, but this one is particularly good – it’s a true delight from beginning to end. It’s not all roses, tragedy strikes right from the off, so you race to turn pages in search of a happy ending. But do you get one? Our lips are sealed, so read it to find out.


The Ghost Story

Ice Twins, S K Tremayne

Everything you want from a modern Gothic thriller, The Ice Twins is a constant guessing game that pushes your imagination into overdrive – especially if you read it in bed during the night. Lydia and Kirstie are identical twins. When one dies tragically and suddenly, the family moves from London to a storm battered island off Scotland’s Isle of Skye. Alone in their derelict lighthouse keeper’s cottage, far off the mainland, the surviving twin insists her dead sister is alive and living with them. How would you react?


The Pick-Me-Up

Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert

Winter is a reflective time of year, and if you’re stuck in a rut, here’s how you get your mojo back in time for the New Year. You don’t need to be a painter, dancer or singer to get the most out of it. Big Magic is laced with spirited advice, mantras and anecdotes that shake you awake and remind you to trust yourself, to stay curious and to never say never. So, what are you waiting for?

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