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8 People that won’t be Spending Their Extra Hour in Bed

You may spend your extra hour in a comfy Bed Guru bed. But not these guys. They're off setting utterly bizarre records

23rd October, 2015
by Carl Walsh

This Sunday the clocks change, meaning everybody gets an extra hour in bed. Most people will spend that hour sleeping. Some of you in a comfy Bed Guru bed!

These people didn’t.

1. Competitive eater Adam Moran decided to spend an hour paying homage to McDonalds, demolishing 17 big macs and breaking a world record all at the same time. Although we probably wouldn’t recommend making a habit of this one, he may literally sink into his mattress!

2. Feeling guilty just from reading the first one? Let Stephen Hyland put your mind at ease. He managed to perform 1,009 pull ups with his hour, completing 130 sets of the exercise and smashing the world record.

3. Soon we could be doing more in one hour than ever thought possible. Airbus recently announced plans for a commercial airliner that could theoretically propel you from London to New York in just one hour. Not bad going.

4. Speaking of far to reach places, one lad from India that goes by the name of Bhanu Prakash Racha is a sucker for a selfie, managing to take over 1,800 of them in a single hour. We wish him and his speedy thumbs all the best!

5. Closer to home again, and former Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins has also been breaking world records, covering a whopping 52.937 kilometres in you guessed it, one hour.

6. Over in the states, this bunch of nature enthusiasts have been busy planting trees, planting a grand total of 202,935 trees across North America. Hats off to our friends from across the pond.

7. If a seven year old can do it, so can you. This popular little man managed to receive 2,392 high fives while attending the Bonnaroo festival in the US. No points awarded for guessing how long it took him!

8. One man from Missouri decided he wanted to spend an hour letting off some steam, so that’s exactly what he did. Using 30 different shotguns he managed to plug a grand total of 3,653 clay targets out of the sky. This man can aim.

The world can sometimes be an extraordinary place. How will you be spending your extra hour under your duvet?

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