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Are wooden beds better than metal beds?

Are Wooden Beds better than Metal Beds? Read our latest blog post from Bed Guru - The Sleep Specialists

15th January, 2019
by Carl Walsh

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is a good quality bed. One that doesn’t squeak as soon as you sit down, gives you the support and comfort you need and combines practicality with stylish good looks. There are so many different types of bed it can be hard to decide which to go for, but the simplest choice comes down to this – wood or metal? Which is better?

The pros of a wooden frame

Wood has been used for bed frames for centuries. Its warmth, tactile qualities, superior good looks and robustness mean that there are still wooden beds in existence that date all the way back to Tudor England and the boudoir antics of Henry VIII! Wood, if looked after properly, can last several lifetimes, and a good quality wooden bed is a great investment in any family home.

If your home is more traditional in design then wood lends itself beautifully to classic styling and that wonderfully ‘cottagey’ look. Once built, it takes a heck of a lot to break a wooden bed, so you can be certain that when the kids burst in on a Sunday morning and start jumping up and down on the bed, it’ll be able to stand up to the punishment.

Wooden bed frame

The cons of a wooden frame

With Wooden frames there are two things to think about before you buy – there is a wide variety of prices so make sure you choose the right bed for you and they’re certainly not lightweight. You can pay a premium depending on the type of wood you go for, so obviously, pine will be much cheaper than oak, for example. Make sure the wood you’re buying has been sustainably sourced, especially if you’re keen to keep your carbon footprint down to a minimum.

Wood can be very heavy. If you’re going to go for a wooden frame then make sure you can get it through the door (it’s best to pick a flat-pack design you can construct in your bedroom), and that your floor is robust enough to take the weight of a wooden bed frame.

Colours and styles of wooden frames

Primarily, wooden frames tend to be quite traditional in design, although you can find those that embrace more modern style concepts and would look perfect in a contemporary setting. If you are going to go modern then choose lighter colours such as blonde oak or pine. A dark wooden frame will make a smaller room look even more cramped, so think about how the colour of the frame will work with the rest of your décor.

The pros of a metal frame

A Metal Bed can be without a doubt, incredibly strong. They can also be tough, robust and long-lasting (which makes it ideal for kids beds), easy to clean and very simple to assemble. These traits are all dependant on the quality of the bed you look to purchase and we would always recommend checking the durability rating of a bed which we provide. Metal bed frames are usually quite lightweight too, and very easy to move around (great if you’re one of those people who loves rearranging rooms every weekend!).

Metal bed frame

The cons of a metal frame

If there’s one thing that metal bed frames are notorious for, it’s squeaking! Because you have metal-on-metal joints and connection points, there’s a possibility that the older your metal bed frame gets, the noisier it becomes. You can replace metal washers for rubber ones, which can make a big difference and minimise the squeaking.

Metal frames can rust, especially if they’re made from low-grade mild steel, so always make sure you go for a good quality frame.

Metal bed styles and colours

Metal bed frames can be available in just about any colour you can imagine. They can be painted in muted tones for that ultra-sophisticated urban look, or bright colours for a children’s bedroom. They work particularly well in more modern settings such as loft conversions and chic minimalist apartments.

Which is better?

This is the real question. In all honesty, we think that both metal and wooden bed frames have their own attractions. It really comes down to your own personal preferences, your style, and your budget. At Bed Guru we supply both wooden and metal bed frames, from bunk beds for kids right up to super-kingsize for grown-ups. We’ve also got some clever storage solutions and mattresses to fit too, so whether you go for wood or metal, we’ve got everything you need.


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