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UK King Size Beds (152x200cm)

You'll spend a third of your life in bed, so upgrade to king size and worship your sleep like royalty.

134 products

Demeter Upholstered Bed

from £399.00

Mya Wooden Bed Frame

from £239.00

Nice Metal Bed Frame

from £369.00

Shaker High Foot Pine Bed Frame

from £279.00

Truro Pine Bed Frame

from £229.00

Cubist Upholstered Bed

from £299.00

Cubist Ottoman Upholstered Bed

from £429.00

Superior Side Opening Ottoman Divan Base

from £429.00

Futurist Upholstered Bed

from £329.00

Vorticist Upholstered Bed

from £379.00

134 products

Why Bed Guru?

We’re sleep experts

Every mattress we sell is handpicked by our very own sleep guru. If we wouldn't own it, we don't sell it. Simple.

Free delivery to mainland UK

Our delivery team will put your new bed, mattress, or headboard in a room of your choice and take away the packaging for free.

Bed & mattress removal

We can whisk away your old bed and/or mattress when you replace them with us. Simply select the option at checkout.

UK King Size Beds (152x200cm)

  1. UK Small Single
    33 items
  2. UK Single
    74 items
  3. UK Wide Single (107cm x 190cm)
    18 items
  4. UK Small Double
    82 items
  5. UK Double
    117 items
  6. UK King
    117 items
  7. UK Super King
    87 items
  8. EU Single (90cm x 200cm)
    17 items
  9. EU Double (140cm x 200cm)
    17 items
  10. EU King (160cm x 200cm)
    19 items
  11. Custom Size (75cm x 160cm)
    18 items
  12. Custom Size (75cm x 168cm)
    18 items
  13. Custom Size (75cm x 175cm)
    18 items
  14. Custom Size (75cm x 183cm)
    18 items
  15. Custom Size (75cm x 200cm)
    10 items
  16. Custom Size (90cm x 160cm)
    18 items
  17. Custom Size (90cm x 168cm)
    18 items
  18. Custom Size (90cm x 175cm)
    18 items
  19. Custom Size (90cm x 183cm)
    18 items
  20. Long Single (90cm x 215cm)
    12 items
  21. Custom Size (122cm x 175cm)
    21 items
  22. Custom Size (122cm x 183cm)
    21 items
  23. Custom Size (120cm x 200cm)
    11 items
  24. Long Small Double (120cm x 215cm)
    2 items
  25. Custom Size (137cm x 175cm)
    25 items
  26. Custom Size (137cm x 183cm)
    26 items
  27. Long Double (135cm x 215cm)
    11 items
  28. Custom Size (150cm x 183cm)
    16 items
  29. Custom Size (150cm x 190cm)
    30 items
  30. Long King (150cm x 215cm)
    11 items
  31. Custom Size (180cm x 190cm)
    24 items
  32. Long Super King (180cm x 215cm)
    11 items
  33. Custom Size (100cm x 190cm)
    1 item
  34. Custom Size (180cm x 183cm)
    1 item
Frame Material
  1. Wood
    22 items
  2. Hevea
    3 items
  3. Upholstered
    45 items
  4. Metal
    11 items
  5. Divan Base
    35 items
Storage Option
  1. 1 Jumbo Drawer
    3 items
  2. 1 Jumbo Drawer (Left)
    1 item
  3. 1 Jumbo Drawer (Right)
    1 item
  4. 2 + 2 Drawer
    14 items
  5. 2 Drawer
    15 items
  6. 2 Drawer Foot End
    19 items
  7. 2 Drawer Same Side
    19 items
  8. 2 Jumbo Drawer (Foot End)
    1 item
  9. 4 Drawer
    21 items
  10. Guest Bed (No Mattress)
    1 item
  11. Maxi Storage
    6 items
  12. No Storage
    76 items
  13. Ottoman 1/2 End Open
    1 item
  14. Ottoman End Lift
    22 items
  15. Ottoman Side Lift
    24 items
  16. Slidestore
    2 items
  17. Understore
    1 item

What does a UK king size bed measure?

A UK king size bed measures 152cm by 200cm. They are larger than a double bed but smaller than a super king size bed.

What styles of UK king size bed do you sell?

We sell a variety of different king size beds. Browse wooden king size beds built from oak or pine. Divan bases with storage. Upholstered bed frames in your choice of fabric colour and material. Durable metal beds and more.

What is the difference between a UK King and an EU King Size Bed?

EU king size beds are 8cm wider than the standard UK king size beds. Please take the measurements of your bed frame into account when buying a new frame or mattress. Need help measuring your bed or mattress? Call 0800 917 9687 and we'll talk you through it.

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