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Creative Ways to Keep Cool during Warm Summer Nights

We Brits aren't used to sleeping in tropical heat. Luckily, Bed Guru help you nod off during those humid summer months

11th August, 2015
by Carl Walsh

Depending on where you live, you’ll probably know all about the perpetual quest to stay cool at night during these humid summer months. If you live in a generally cooler climate, chances are you don’t own an A/C unit either which only adds to the problem when things do start to heat up.

Worse still? The 15 tog duvet you rely so heavily on to keep you warm in the winter is quickly becoming your worst enemy.

You’ve tried cracking a window, taking a cool shower and switching off wasteful electrical appliances to little or no avail. To really defeat this all too common problem you have to dig deep and make use of some Bed Guru wisdom.

Carry on reading and try out a few of these creative ways to keep cool at night…


The reverse hot water bottle! Simply fill the bottle half way with water and freeze. You might choose to wrap it in a small towel before putting it in your bed for a bit of added comfort.

Cool your pulse points! By lowering the temperature of your main arteries, your body is able to pump slightly cooler blood around your body. For this, just hold your wrists under a cold tap for a minute or two and feel the difference.

Homemade A/C! Take a standard household fan and super charge its effectiveness. Freeze 3 or 4 bottles of salt water and place in front of your fan when you go to bed. They’ll stay frozen long enough to cool your room down just enough for you to drift off.

Prevention is cheaper than the cure! On a particularly hot day, make sure to close the blinds/curtains in your bedroom to keep those sunrays from turning your house into an oven.

Quick fix! You already know how important it is to stay hydrated, but by wrapping your beverage in a wet paper towel and putting it in the freezer, you’ll have an icy cold drink by your bed side in 15 minutes flat.


It’s also worth noting that a slatted bed frame will usually disperse considerably more heat than a typical divan bed frame. Don’t worry if you only have access to a divan bed however, just switch to cotton sheets and consider leaving your pyjamas in the drawer!

Be sure to tweet us or let us know on Facebook how you got on with the suggestions here, or to share a piece of your own special sleeping wisdom with Bed Guru!

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