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Fight off the Pounds by Getting More Sleep

Need an excuse to skip the gym and lay in bed? Bed Guru reveal a sleep friendly way for lazy bones to shed the pounds

7th October, 2015
by Carl Walsh

If ever there was a reason to get more shuteye this would probably be up there. Is it really feasible that a lack of sleep could be the reason for weight gain in some people? Would you really complain about spending more time in your bed

Consider this: We already know that our bodies needs sleep in order prepare both mentally and physically for the day ahead. Not enough of the stuff and we feel the effects almost instantly.

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Feel the benefits instantly

Another action-packed weekend comes to a close and you’re feeling tired at your desk on Monday morning. What do you do? You reach for a sugary cup of coffee and then another. Of course no hot drink would be complete without a biscuit or two and a quick packet of crisps to give you the energy boost you so desperately need.

It’s been a hard day but you’ve successfully battled through it. There isn’t a chance you’re cooking tonight though. Take away it is. Beginning to see the pattern?

It’s a vicious cycle that many people probably don’t even realise they are in, but eventually, this sleep deprivation could be sabotaging your waistline and ultimately your health. It starts out innocently enough, but these consistently poor food choices and lack of exercise lay the foundations for weight gain and further sleep loss.

As well as stimulating appetite, sleep loss is also known to stimulate cravings for comfort foods, i.e. high fat and carbohydrate varieties. This is your body’s way of telling you that it needs the long lasting fuel that these food types so conveniently provide.

It could be argued that any respectable weight loss program should include getting adequate sleep as part of the process!

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The good news is it can all be prevented by keeping a regular and disciplined sleep schedule. If you’re routine is becoming a cause for concern, aim for between 7 and 9 hours per night and start reaping the benefits straight away.

More sleep means a happier, healthier and more focused you.

Here at Bed Guru, we can help you find the best bed and mattress to help you get the best night's sleep possible. Feel free to get in touch today and we will endeavour to help you start to trim off those pounds! 

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