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Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready For the Festive Season

Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready For the Festive Season Read more from one of the UK's largest online bed retailers, Shop online with Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

8th November, 2017
by Carl Walsh

It’s that time of the year again, we’ve only just had Halloween but already everyone is planning ahead for the festive season. That means the arrival of relatives, friends and guests who are expecting much more than to sleep on a sofa!

If you’ve ventured into the guest bedroom for the first time since last spring and discovered it’s currently a dumping ground for unused gym equipment, boxes of books, and nick-knacks that don’t have a home anywhere else, it’s time to get organised. Here are our top tips on how to prep your spare room for guests.

A quick clean or floor-to-ceiling redecorating?

Paint roller

If the room hasn’t been used for a while, then the first thing to do is to open the windows and let it air. Get rid of those musty smells by letting some fresh air circulate, rather than relying on fabric sprays or air fresheners, which will simply mingle with any underlying mustiness. Once you’ve cleaned the unused rowing machine and dumb-bells out, it’s time to get to work.

If the décor is in good condition then it’s probably only a matter of a good clean, including putting curtains through a hot wash. Clear out drawers, cupboards and wardrobes so your guests have somewhere to put their clothes and personal items. Check that any bulbs in the bedside lamps work properly.

If the room really is looking tired then it may be time to break out the paint roller, but make sure you use a low-odour paint so that the room smells of potpourri and spiced apples, rather than chemicals.

Perfect beds for the guest room

Guest bed

Once you’ve got the room looking great (including a few Christmas decorations to give it a festive look), it’s time to check the bed. How’s that mattress? Is it in good condition, does it need replacing? There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep in a lumpy bed, especially when you’re a guest. Make sure your guests have a perfect night’s sleep by fitting a new mattress. It’s best not to go for a too firm a mattress or an orthopaedic mattress either, as not everyone has a bad back. Pick a medium mattress like a pocket sprung mattress, that should work for almost everyone.

If you want to really spoil your guests why not pick out the perfect bed for the guest room – if you order now your new bed should be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas. Leave it any later and you could end up putting the grandparents on a blow-up camping bed instead.

Is the frame up to the job?

Old bed frames can start to bow, sag or even creak. Check the frame is solid, stable and squeak-free before your relatives turn up. Make sure the nuts and bolts are tightened and that there are no weak boards or supports underneath the mattress.

Room for everyone

If you’ve only got one guest bedroom but lots of guests staying then you may need to think about investing in portable beds for the living room. From folding ‘Z-beds’ to sofa-beds and day beds that double up as stylish daytime furniture. There are plenty of options to choose from that can help make everyone comfortable.

Final touches

Once you’ve got all of the sleeping arrangements sorted out, you can concentrate on all those little touches to make guests welcome. From a welcome present left on the pillow to charming little toiletries for them to use, clean, fluffy pillows and a jug of water by the bed, the little touches go a long way to make your guests feel welcome. Make sure you’ve got extra blankets and throws just in case the temperature drops. Everything should come together perfectly to make sure that not only do your guests have a great Christmas, but they have a great night’s sleep too.

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