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How To Make More Space In Your Bedroom

Read our blog post on How To Make More Space In Your Bedroom from Bed Guru the online sleep specialists.

5th April, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Perhaps your bedroom is slightly on the small side – or you want to make the most of the space you have. Either way, there are loads of smart solutions that can make all the difference. Let's explore a few ways to make a little more space – or at least the illusion of space.

Invest in clever furniture

When it comes to reconsidering your bedroom furniture, there’s one prominent piece that you just can’t get rid of: the bed. Particularly in compact spaces, it can prove a tricky obstacle to work around. That’s why you might like to consider exchanging your current frame for a divan bed – a practical solution to space issues.

Multifunctional furniture is key to maximising space in a small bedroom, and a divan bed could be the perfect solution for you. This highly versatile bed style comes complete with plenty of built-in storage, including handy drawers and compartments. And that means you won’t need as much storage elsewhere in your room.

In short, a divan bed is a simple way to replace or boost your storage and save precious floor space. This will help create a feeling of space.

Don't build out, build up

In small bedrooms, every inch counts. Here's a thought – why not make the most of wasted space and use the height in your room? For example, rather than having free-standing shelves on the floor, you could run individual bookshelves high above head height instead. If you have unusually high ceilings, you could hide a fold-away ladder or fold-out library steps in the corner of the room.

If you don't think your walls aren't good enough to take the weight, then simple floor-to-ceiling shelving could be just the ticket. You could even have on either side of the bed instead of bedside tables, and stack them with handy storage baskets

Cut down on clutter

When was the last time you organised your wardrobe? Can you find what you want when you need it? Is your floor covered in clothes? When you have a small bedroom, it’s easy for everything to become chaotic – even having a pile of washing floor can make the place look like a mess. Stay on top of it, and make sure you don’t let mess and clutter accumulate. It’s all about getting organised, which can help streamline your bedroom.

You could start by cleaning out your wardrobe and chest of drawers and creating convenient storage compartments. How about a shoe rack or a separate area for your jewellery? Or adding drawer dividers to create different sections? It’s up to you to decide, but it’s always much easier to stay organised when everything has its place. You could even consider using less furniture. Like we said, having a divan bed could mean you can make room elsewhere in your bedroom. It might mean you could get rid of that extra shelving unit or that bulky chest of drawers to free up some much-needed floor space.

Paint your walls

Sometimes, creating the illusion of space is as important as creating physical space. If you can't make your room bigger, getting the wall colour right can make everything feel more spacious. In a small bedroom, you should stay away from having big, bold patterns and dark colours on your walls. This will make it feel more cluttered – rather than open and airy. Instead, you’ll be better served by having a light, neutral shade on the walls and ceiling. Your bedroom will feel lighter, brighter and altogether more spacious.

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