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How To Remove Mattress Stains

Removing mattress stains needs a little extra thought and care so that not only is the stain properly removed, but you avoid damage the mattress in the process. Read our quick tips here!

5th December, 2018
by Carl Walsh

We all regularly wash our bed linen to keep it fresh, clean, and free from marks and stains. But mattresses are a different matter. Removing common stains that might end up on your mattress needs a little extra thought and care so that not only is the stain properly removed, but you avoid damage the mattress in the process. Here are a few quick tips on how to remove common stains and keep your mattress cleaner for longer.

Removing blood from a mattress

From time-to-time it happens - from a kid’s nosebleed to knocking an old graze which makes it bleed again. And blood has a way of soaking through the linen and onto the mattress below.

Blood dissolves easily in water, but use cool or cold water to try and blot it out. Don’t apply hot water to the stain or it will make it even harder to get out. Then a simple paste of baking soda should lift the stain right out. Work it well into the surface of the mattress and then wipe away any excess. Repeat as necessary.

Removing urine from a mattress

Little ones sometimes go through a phase of wetting the bed, which can result in a mattress that’s stained and smelly. If your child is going through a bed-wetting stage then it may be an idea to buy a protective waterproof sheet that will stop any accidents leaking into the mattress. However, if it’s a one-off event then you can use both specialist cleaners and household essentials to get rid of the stain. Before you use anything, though, check it first on a small patch to make sure it doesn’t damage the surface of the mattress. This is particularly important if you have a memory foam mattress.

A little bit of white (not malted!) vinegar dabbed on with a cloth should neutralise the urine and get rid of the smell. You can also try lemon juice, which should have the same effect. Again, a paste of baking soda should then remove any marks left behind.

Removing coffee from a mattress

It’s not just the kids that have mishaps in bed – us grown-ups can too. A cup of coffee in bed on a lazy Sunday morning sounds like a great idea – right up until you spill some of that hot java all over your mattress. Coffee can be tough to get out of fabric, so you may need to resort to an upholstery shampoo to get rid of it completely.

Keep your mattress fresh

If your mattress is simply a little ‘musty’ and just needs freshening up then strip all the bedding off, sprinkle it generously with baking soda and leave it for around 8 hours. Then vacuum the mattress and it should be fresh as a daisy without the need for any harsh ‘masking’ chemical sprays or cleaners.

Things to avoid using:

Bleach – whatever stain you’re tackling, you need to remember that the fabric underneath (and in the case of memory foam mattresses, the integrity of the foam) can be severely affected by moisture and harsh chemicals. The one thing you should never use on your mattress is bleach! If a stain is really that serious then clean it as best you can with milder alternatives such as baking soda, white vinegar, or special upholstery shampoo, and then allow it to dry thoroughly and then flip your mattress (if it’s a double-sided one).

Hot water – if you are going to try and remove a stain then try to avoid using hot water as this will often ‘set’ the stain, making it even harder to remove.

Stopping stains from happening

Stain-resistant covers and mattress protectors are a great way to stop the problem from occurring in the first place.

If your mattress becomes too stained or marked, it may be time to put away the baking soda, pack up the vacuum, and simply replace that stained or soiled mattress with a new one. If your mattress has become too stained or unpleasant, even if it’s not yet reached that recommended 8-year replacement stage, it’s probably time to have a think about investing in a new mattress. We all want to awaken every morning feeling fresh and revived, so make sure you’ve got a clean, fresh sleeping environment to facilitate that!

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