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Hygge like the Danish: Embrace the cosiest lifestyle of them all

Slow down, appreciate the little things and embrace the Hygge way of life from the comfort of your bedroom...

26th November, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Denmark’s the happiest place in the world and their lifestyle may have something to do with it – so slow down, appreciate the little things and embrace the Hygge way of life from the comfort of your bedroom... 

Hygge (‘hue-gah’) is the Danish ideal of being cosy and content. It’s about switching off from the world and retreating home for some much deserved ‘me time’. There are no hard and fast rules for Hygge, just follow your whims or borrow a few of these ideas – from snuggling under a blanket with a hot drink, spending time with your family and reading by candlelight to pulling on warm dry clothes after a walk in the rain. It’s simple really…

1. Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy

Hygge is all about spending time with your loved ones in your own little bubble, away from the outside world. Whether you snuggle up to watch a movie while the rain pounds the windows or tuck into some hearty winter soup, the important thing is that you’re together. And if you can’t be together, why not add decorative touches to your room – like framed family photographs?

Keep it laid back and informal, don’t worry about having a totally spotless home when your visitors pop over. And who says you have to hang out in your kitchen or living room? The cosiest space is probably your bedroom, so go there to unwind.  

2. Light your candles, or better yet,
a log fire

To get truly cosy, swap your harsh overhead light for the softer glow of a fire or flickering candles – if they’re scented, all the better for creating a calming atmosphere. Pick one with notes of winter berries and seasonal flowers. Or opt for a specially created Scandinavian Hygge candle, which smells of tea and baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint – for an authentic Danish experience. Hygge is about creating a sanctuary for yourself.

3. Hunker down with a hot beverage

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, coffee, tea or mulled wine – whatever your drink of choice, take your time to drain your mug, while tucked up in bed or under a blanket. For the full Hygge experience, read a book or snuggle up with a hot water bottle.

4. Have a lie-in and pause for breakfast 

Staying in bed for an extra 10 minutes won’t hurt and it’ll probably make you feel happier. So take your time getting up in the morning and also to sit and savour your breakfast, instead of snacking on the go. Hygge involves eating whatever you want (in moderation) and in Denmark, Danish pastries are a favourite morning treat. 

5. Switch off from the world

Hygge is about living in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures of life that tend to pass you by, without distractions. So stop multitasking – no more checking your work emails at home or scanning the internet on your phone. Relaxing music is good, and you may want to delve into a movie, but other than that, try staying away from technology. It’ll even improve your quality of sleep, as the artificial blue light from screens can make you more awake. 

6. Snuggle into rugs and throws

Hygge is about being as comfortable as possible, so why don't you top your mattress with a quilted protector or a duck feather and down topper? Both add an extra cushiony layer to your bed and trap the heat to keep you warm.  Want more? Roll a rug over your wooden floors to soften up your room, throw a chunky-knit blanket over your bed or pile on textured scatter cushions. Above all, dig out your comfiest PJs and go curl up in bed. 

7. Bring the outside, inside

Be it a vase of fresh cut flowers and decorative house plants or wooden timber bed frames and furniture – bringing nature inside your home can lift your mood and make you happier. Not forgetting, it’s also very Danish.

So, think you’ll try to be more Hygge? When you need more practical advice about comfort, in the form of a new bed or mattress, give us a call.

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