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New Holiday Season, Same Old Mattresses?

A great night’s sleep is your guests they will expect - ensure your mattresses are up to standard with a BedGuru bed.

16th March, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Ensure your guests get a great night’s sleep.

Here at Bed Guru we specialise in commercial beds and mattresses designed specifically for the hotel and guest industry.

When guests book with you for a self catering cottage, farm holiday or bed and breakfast accommodation I’m sure you give them the very best service, great holiday cottages in rural retreats and fantastic locations, the feedback they leave online and through social media will reflect the stay they had.

A great night’s sleep is what they will expect so do you ensure the mattresses and beds in your properties are up to the standard that you would want to sleep on?

“Great location, lovely cottage spoilt by saggy mattress, when did they last change this antique?”


“Every time we moved all we could hear was the springs!”


“Won’t be coming here again or recommending others, shame really, just kept awake all night by a lumpy mattress”


Not the kind of comments you want leaving. Certainly not comments that suggest a guest will make a return visit.

A good mattress is an important investment which will ensure your guests want to return, recommend you to other people and leave positive feedback on Trip Advisor and your social media channels.

We want to help make sure your guests get the perfect night’s sleep and keep returning time and time again. To help you we’ve put together some of our top tips for how to check your properties and make sure the beds and mattresses are up to standard.

Top tips for checking your holiday properties:

Sit on the mattresses

They may be covered in fresh bedding but the sit test will reveal a lot, if there’s noise or sagging it’s already past its best and needs replacing.

Lay on the bed

If you feel as if you’re going to roll into the middle so will your guests.

Check the base for damage

I’ve seen rips, duct tape, nails hammered in, broken legs or castors or bobbled material, sure sign of an aging bed base.

Look for a fire resistant label

Blue with a cigarette symbol, it’s the law to have a fire resistant mattress. If you don’t you are liable to prosecution.


With over 40 years in the bed industry we know what we’re talking about and have picked up a few tips on best practice when it comes to replacing your commercial beds and mattresses.

If a £250 mattress lasts 5 years then it will cost you less than 15p a night! It could be the best value for money you’ve spent and a great investment for your guests.

If you want to take a closer look at some our commercial beds and mattresses why not head over to our dedicated Bed Guru Commercial section or get in touch, we’d be happy to talk to you about our commercial products and can often offer discounts on multiple items.

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