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New to Bed Guru: Organic Mattresses

Your food isn't the only thing that can come organic. We're proud to announce our brand new speciality range of Bed Guru Organic Mattresses...

4th May, 2016
by Carl Walsh

We're proud to announce our brand new speciality range of Bed Guru Organic Mattresses, made from 100% British wool. Just you wait until you've heard all about their impressive sleep and health enhancing benefits, you're in for a treat...

Your food isn't the only thing that can come organic. And you know how good that can be for your health. Say 'hello' to our aptly named Devon, Wensleydale, Cotswold, and Dartmoor organic mattresses. They're traditionally hand-made to order, depending on your sleeping preferences, packed with super soft organic wool, and hand-sewn with natural hemp thread in Devon.

You won't find any glue, solvent or adhesives here. These are naturally fire and dust mite resistant alternatives to your typical polyester, nylon and polyurethane blend mattresses. Whether you're an eczema sufferer or simply want a hard-wearing, but naturally bouncy bed which springs back into shape, our organic mattresses will help you sleep soundly while doing your best for the planet. 

Forget counting sheep for a better sleep.

Scientists believe that wool improves the quality and duration of your sleep, by absorbing much of the sweat you lose during the night to keep you dry and comfortable. As such, a king size mattress alone will contain an impressive 19 kilos of fine British wool. 

Lambs and sheep are shorn once a year for their fleece, then left to happily roam their fields. We spread this wool over a minimum of 1,000 pocket springs, up to 2,000 in our luxury models, and tease it by hand to make it soft to the touch.

Save pennies and the environment.

The complex structure of these superior fibres, which protect the animal come rain or shine, make for a durable wool mattress that's resilient to wear, and a shrewd investment. Although it'll lie under your sheets, you can rest easy knowing your organic mattress will likely look as good as the day you bought it.

Since wool moves body heat and moisture between the many layers of your mattress, it'll keep you toasty warm in winter and cool during humid summer nights. The additional side ventilation also regulates your temperature for the best possible, uninterrupted night’s sleep. So keep your energy bills down by sleeping in an organic mattress, instead of turning your heating up a notch.

Don't let the bed bugs bite

While moulding to your body posture, to support you in slumber, wool mattresses make your bedroom a naturally healthy environment. While trapping dust within microscopic scales, they absorb and remove unhealthy compounds from the air to make it cleaner. Your Bed Guru organic mattress has flag stitched handles to make flipping your mattress effortless and easy too.

All of our organic mattresses come with a 10 year warranty. Need help choosing between a medium or firm feel don’t hesitate to get in touch or use our online chat feature on each page and we’d be more than happy to help. 

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