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New to Bed Guru! Your bedding, covered

Bed Guru's range of hand-finished bedding will make your new bed sleep ready available online from Bed Guru the Sleep Specialists.

7th September, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Get everything you need for a great night’s sleep in one go, from one place. Our brand new range of hand-finished bedding will make your new bed sleep ready…

As of yesterday, you no longer face the dilemma of finding mattress protectors, toppers or bed linen for your non-standard size beds – that’s been done for you.

Since we specialise in bespoke beds, from wide singles and small doubles to shorter length beds and more, we grabbed the opportunity to provide you with the essentials you need to cover your new mattress – so you can sleep on it the night it arrives at your home.

Of course, everything you see is also available in your typical UK single, UK king and UK super king sizes as well.

Let’s take a look at what you have here:

Mattress Protectors

You sweat up to 200 millilitres an hour and shed up to 10 grams of skin flakes a night, which will end up in your mattress unless you cover it with a mattress protector.

And no matter how clean you are, you will eventually have dust mites in your bed also, which wreak havoc with allergies like asthma and eczema. Mattress protectors are essential, they extend your mattress’ life and keep you comfortable, so they’re not worth overlooking.

If you’ve invested in a new mattress, why wouldn’t you take care of it with an inexpensive protector? You can machine wash and tumble dry our range at least 200 times or give it a quick wipe down.

They’re also an absolute essential for students, who typically sleep on older mattresses, and for hotel or B&B’s – whose guests expect a mattress protector.

From cotton-soft waterproof protectors which safeguard your mattress against stains, spills and therefore mould, to thick quilted or anti-allergenic protectors to help the sensitive sleepers among you to breath at night.

Mattress Toppers

What softens your firm mattress and makes your soft bed more supportive? Mattress toppers. They also relieve the pressure of your nightly tossing and turning, and although nothing compares to a new mattress, these toppers can give your older bed a new (read: comfy) lease of life.

Duck feather toppers ooze luxury, keeping you toasty warm all winter long, while machine washable custom comforel toppers regulate your temperature for a deep sleep.

Fitted Sheets

Beloved by restless sleepers whose tossing and turning untucks flat sheets, fitted sheets fit snug around your mattress, leaving your bed smooth, flat and tidy. Their four corners are cut and sewn with elastic in the hem, so there’s no extra bed linen left hanging.

Every yarn in our percale fitted sheets was combed to remove knots and impurities before it was dyed one of 7 colours (from crème and cherry to plum) – giving you a soft to the touch, easy to launder and iron bed sheet.

By spinning 200, 400 & 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets from longer fabrics, we’ve created tightly woven bedding that’s cool, breathable and soft against your skin – available in white or ivory, adding to the hotel-like luxury.

For more information on our new bedding range or to request sizes that aren’t listed, call us here at Bed Guru.

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