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Our Bed Guru Bloggers #SleepAnywhere Tips

Expert travel bloggers tell Bed Guru how you can sleep soundly away from home! You haven't tried everything yet...

11th November, 2015
by Carl Walsh

At Bed Guru, we believe in the importance of a good night’s sleep, but what if you’re travelling and perhaps don’t even have access to a bed? We asked some travel bloggers to give us their best tips on how to sleep regardless of where you are in the world. We also created a handy infographic which we shared last week to help you remember some key things if you are going travelling soon and need some tips on how to get the best sleep possible whilst travelling.

Zoe at Spodz Blogz has one of our favourite tips:

When in a hotel, bring your favourite pyjamas. Not only does it smell of home, it’s something familiar that might help you relax in a new environment. Another good tip Zoe thought of is playing some classical music, the soothing sounds will help you relax and feel even more comfortable.

The best tips Zoe has for sleeping when you don’t have a bed includes keeping your neck warm to reduce neck ache and secure your belongings so you can relax and not worry about them getting stolen. Have a look at her full blog post and all her tips on how to sleep anywhere.

Tania over at Larger Family Life emphasised the importance of being comfortable when travelling.

When it comes to clothes,  dress in thinner layers which makes it easier to add or remove items as it gets colder or warmer.

Tania also gives some great tips for flying, including making sure you get a seat with extra legroom if you have long legs, and try sitting next to a window as that’s usually quieter than sitting by the aisle. Read all Tania’s tips for sleeping when travelling here.

Claire over at Tinbox Traveller gives some great tips for what to eat and what not to eat to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Have some cereal bars or fruit handy if your growling stomach keeps you awake, but make sure not to have spicy food or alcohol before sleeping as it can interrupt your sleep.

Claire also suggests listening to music to help you relax, as well as bringing a book to read. 

Some essential items to bring when you’re trying to sleep anywhere is explained to us by Carly from Adventure Mummy. To ensure no embarrassing head drops mid-sleep, a J-pillow is your best friend. It gives really good support for your neck, regardless of the position you sleep in. An eye mask is great to pack as well when you’re on a plane trying to catch a nap.

Another essential is earplugs so that you can shut out the sound of any chatty people around you!

Do you have any other tips that can help you #SleepAnywhere? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook

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