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Rent Your Spare Bedroom on Airbnb to Earn Easy Money

Earn up to £7,500 tax free this year, by renting out your spare bedroom or, indeed, your entire home to travellers and guests on Airbnb…

19th July, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Earn up to £7,500 tax free this year, by renting out your spare bedroom or, indeed, your entire home to travellers and guests on Airbnb…

What is Airbnb? Well, a website helping empty nesters and homeowners rent bedrooms to lodgers short term for a tidy sum – the average Airbnb UK host makes £709 a month. Renting out your house is easy when you brush up on sound Airbnb safety advice and read Airbnb tips online. When you want to become an Airbnb host, here’s what to do next.

1. Set up your free Airbnb account

Sign up here, with your email address, Facebook, Linkedin or Goole account. Add a photo of yourself and fill in every section, telling people about yourself and why you became an Airbnb host – helping potential guests get to know and trust you. Folks will trust your listing more, when you’ve confirmed your identity with Airbnb – so, scan your passport, which is forever kept private, and add your contract number.

2. Get your spare bedroom Airbnb ready

Bed with white linen

Compare your spare bedroom to a professional hotel room, because that’s precisely what your Airbnb guests consider it. Any improvements you make should pay off long term, winning you better reviews that inspire more bookings and earn you more money. For example, put our easy bedroom decluttering tips into action or pop these sleep-inducing pot plants on the bedside table or windowsill.

  • Order a new mattress for your spare bedroom:

Shop our mattress rangebed base collection.

Replace your tired old mattress with a comfy rolled mattress starting from as little as £79 or a hotel-grade contract mattress with pocket springs for only £129. Alternatively, accept the widest variety of Airbnb bookings with a king size Zip & Link mattress that also splits into two single beds.

  • Alternatively, add a cushioning mattress topper to your existing guest bed:

Make firm beds softer or softer beds firmer and more supportive. Airbnb guests expect hygienic mattress protectors, because several guests will have slept in the same bed.

Ready for a quick turn-around – with the used set in the wash and the bed ready made for your Airbnb guest.

3. List your spare bedroom on Airbnb

Woman relaxing

Describe your home as honestly as possible and tell your guests which amenities you’ll let them use, from the internet to a balcony and en-suite bathroom, for example. Airbnb will fix a price per night, depending on the number of rooms, location, amenities and prices of other listings near you. But you can add a cleaning fee and security deposit – every Airbnb payment will be handled by Airbnb.    

Next, add ‘House Rules’ to explain whether smoking is allowed and children are welcome, what time you expect quiet and check-out, alongside anything else you can think off, such as security and setting an alarm. Why not print them off to give to your guests on arrival, so they know what you expect?

When you’ve added photos, shot in plenty of natural light, select the days and times you want to rent on. And wait for the booking requests to ping into your inbox.

4. Think like a hotelier and be considerate

Bulk buying loo roll, bin bags and hand soap is a good start, but wouldn’t you expect a hotel to give you the WiFi password, a hair dryer and towels? So will your Airbnb guest. The best hosts, with the best reviews, go above and beyond, for little to no extra money or effort – simply offer cheap toiletries or a map of the local area and a list of your favourite places or things to do, from museums to pubs and parks. 

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