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Sleeping Tips for New Parents

Are you a new parent that's struggling to sleep? Read Bed Guru's New Parent Sleeping Guide to get all the tips and tricks to get the best night's sleep possible.

4th June, 2019
by Carl Walsh

As Prince Harry and Princess Megan are finding out right now, sleep comes at a premium for new parents. It can be a particularly difficult time for parents with screaming babies and sleep deprivation a major issue. So how can you ensure you get a proper night's sleep?

Here at Bed Guru, we’ve put together some of the best sleeping tips for new parents, helping you to get the best night’s sleep possible.

Yawning baby

1 - Organise a routine

When it comes to parenting, it’s very much an even field. You both need to contribute as much as each other, even when it comes to sleep. Yes, you may have that important meeting at work the next day, but your baby comes first.

You need to share the night-time wake up calls. They’ll happen, particularly at times when the baby needs feeding or a diaper change. If you establish a routine then you’ll both be able to maximise the time you do have to get as much sleep as possible.

You’ll have to expect restless night’s sleep, but establishing a routine will go a long way to helping you avoid sleep deprivation.

2 - Sleep as much as you can when your baby sleeps

When your baby sleeps, this is prime time for you to get some all-important shut-eye. For some reason, babies are nocturnal and tend to sleep more during the day and be restless at night. So maybe that mid-afternoon nap is not a bad idea? The ironing can always wait, prioritise your sleep whilst you have the opportunity.

Family sleeping

3 - Prepare your bedroom for sleep

Prepare yourself and your bedroom to provide yourself with a great space to sleep when you get the opportunity.

There are some simple tricks you can put in place to provide the perfect sleeping environment. Before your newborn comes along, it might be time to invest in a new mattress. Newer mattresses provide extra comfort, which is needed if you’re going to get that important kip.

Ensure your bedroom is nice and cool because there’s nothing worse than being sleep deprived and trying to get to sleep in a hot and sticky bedroom.

4 - Put away all electronic distractions

Yes, you may not have had a chance to catch up on the latest episode of Corrie, and you haven’t checked Facebook for the last 4 hours, but sleep is way more important. Keep any electronics out of hands reach, and prioritise getting as much sleep as you can. It’s far more beneficial for you and your patience levels.

Woman on laptop

5 - Be patient with each other

Being sleep deprived can lead to numerous issues, none more so than a lack of patience. If you have any major concerns about your health then it’s always worth checking in with your health advisor. The more patient you are with each other, the calmer your baby will be. Providing them with a relaxing environment will have sleep benefits for you.

6 - Accept help from friends and family

It’s not embarrassing to have to ask for and accept help. Your parents have been through it all before, they know the drill. If they offer to look after the baby for a night to allow you to get some sleep, then accept the help, there’s no shame in it! Your friends and family will want to, and be excited to help you. So don’t turn them away.

Granddad and baby

7 - Let your baby sleep in their cot

Although it may seem tempting and the easier option, don’t let your baby sleep in your bed. It’s okay to bring them in for feeding or to calm them down, but once done, return them to their cot. Letting them sleep in your bed can create complications in the future, and your baby will start to rely on being in your bed.

8 - Keep the baby active in the day time

Babies tend to be more active at night and sleep more during the day, so try and keep them as active as possible while you’re active. Promote night as their time to sleep. Active days and calmer nights will get them used to the concept of nighttime being their sleep time.

Walking in park

9 - Go for a morning walk

Natural sunlight and fresh air can be a great way to reset your circadian rhythm in the morning. It also helps your baby to start to develop a sleeping process of their own. Additional exercise relaxes your body, so when it’s time to sleep your body will allow you to get that important rest.

10 - Is it time to invest in a new bed?

Have you invested in a new bed recently? If not then it may be time to, because a good bed ensures you get the best night’s sleep possible. Here at Bed Guru we can provide you with all the advice you need on the best bed for new parents. Feel free to contact us and one of our dedicated team members will help you to get the best night’s sleep possible.

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