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The De-evolution Of The Mattress

The De-evolution Of The Mattress Read more from one of the UK's largest online bed retailers, Shop online with Bed Guru the sleep specialists.

4th June, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Nature took over 4 million years of evolution to develop our body’s need for 8 hours of sleep. Yet in the last 100 years alone we’ve cut that amount by 20%.

So much so that the World Health Organisation has declared our sleeplessness a global epidemic.

 With such a worrying statistic, at least the mattresses we sleep on have come a long way to support healthy sleep habits. Or so you’d think…

What makes a good mattress?

Is it the way it is made? The materials used? The number of pocket springs? The price you pay? Does it even matter?

We believe it’s a combination of these things. After all, everybody is different, and preferences change from one person to the next. The same is true for mattresses.

Since the 1960’s when we first opened up the Divan Centre here in West Yorkshire, it’s safe to say we’ve helped a lot of people find their ideal mattress.

We look at everything from the amount of sleep you currently get, to your body type, your bedroom, bed frame and the type of mattress you’re getting rid of.

This information helps us to suggest a mattress that’s going to help you get your best night’s sleep, and ensure it’ll last the recommended 8 years of solid service.

As sleep specialists, it’s our obligation to make sure that the mattress you buy is right for you.

But now the accepted idea that ‘no two people sleep the same’ is under threat.

The emergence of the one size fits all mattresses

Thanks to automation and the newly accepted idea that a quality mattress can be made from just two or three layers of foam, the craftsmanship of the mattress is disappearing altogether.

Mattress manufacturing has always been a craft, requiring a great depth of knowledge, understand and skill.

But now all of those things that once contributed to the perfect night’s sleep are being gradually removed.

Supportive and durable pocket springs wrapped in natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex, are being thoughtlessly replaced with cheap synthetic foams.

Traditional construction techniques like hand-tufting and hand side-stitching are being abandoned completely.

The craftsmanship of the mattress is disappearing

Changes in the mattress industry and our apathy towards sleep has enabled over 150 business start-ups with no mattress knowledge, to sell vacuum-packed pieces of foam under the illusion of convenience, at a much higher cost than the sum of the materials used.

The latest technology and your best night’s sleep, they are not.

What’s the alternative?

There are many, and you don’t have to spend the earth.

Take our £599 pocket sprung 3000 mattress as an example. Traditionally built with four natural fillings, wool, silk, cashmere, and cotton. This arrangement not only gives you a wonderful feeling of comfort but also aids body temperature regulation whilst drawing away any moisture.

Supported by 3000 high quality individually housed pocket springs for independent movement, only compressing where support is most needed.

You’ll also find Belgium woven damask cooler feel fabric, with flag stitched handles and additional air vents.

Not to mention, it’s available in 26 different sizes.

Or to put it more simply, that’s a world-class mattress that’ll last you at least 8 years, all for less than 21p a day. There’s never been a better time to invest in your sleep.

If you need help choosing a new bed or mattress, you can use the live chat to chat with one of our experts 

A whole lot more than selling beds

Our resident sleep specialist Carl has spent more than 40 years educating people on the importance of sleep.

It’s his belief that people who get the recommended 8 hours of sleep live longer and happier lives. It’s why we won’t rest until you do.

Read ‘What really happens when you sleep?’ to find out just how important it is to our health and wellbeing.

If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it here.

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