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The Top Tik Tok Interior Trends

With the pandemic forcing people to spend more time in their homes, we have seen an influx of people taking their time decorate their homes how they have always wanted.

11th June, 2021
by Carl Walsh

This got us thinking, now the world is opening back up, what are the current Interior trends and how have these changed since the start of last year? And of course, what does Tik Tok have to say about them?

From January 2021 to now, there has been a 200% increase in people searching for ‘Interior design tips’ on Google, a 110% for people searching ‘interior design styles’, and a 130% increase of people Googling ‘interior design services'. This suggests that since most of the world has been at home for the last year and a half, people have been showing their love for interior.

interior design tips

To find out which interior trend takes the top spot, Bed Guru gathered the top 20 interior design trends right now and then ran them through Tik Tok and Google Search data to get the results. Here are the current interior trends:

  • Bauhaus influence
  • Biophilic design
  • Cocooning furniture
  • Creative storage
  • Crittall style
  • Dark kitchens
  • Earthy aesthetic
  • Green walls
  • Home tech
  • Japandi
  • Kitchen pantries
  • Maximalism
  • Mid-century modern
  • Natural decor
  • Pink bathroom
  • Pink kitchen
  • Restored furniture.
  • Sage Green Kitchen
  • Textured walls
  • Wellness at home

Tik Tok Interior Trends

Taking to Tik Tok, Bed Guru found that the most used hashtag out of these 20 interior trends is ‘Mid-century modern’. Mid-century modern is an American design movement in interior design and architecture that was popular from roughly 1945 to 1969. The designs are known for Juxtaposing sleek lines, such as peg legs on chairs alongside organic shapes for the seat. When this style first emerged, it was considered very futuristic, but now it is considered extremely modern.

It seems the UK's Google search history for interior trends match up with Tik Tok hashtags, with Mid-century Modern being the second most searched for interior trend in 2021 so far. In fact, there has been a 50% increase for people Googling the term ‘mid-century modern’ compared to the start of last year. Although Mid-Century modern is up there, it doesn’t take the top spot for the most Googled interior trend, Maximalism does.

mid century modern

What are people searching for the most? 

Maximalism is an interior trend for those who live by the philosophy of “more is more”. Maximalism is a loud and brave style, composed of mixed patterns, excessive accessories, and saturated colours. Its organic is reminiscent of the stately home interiors that are found in the UK, but the bold colours are what gives the trend a modern take. Comparing this year to last year, there has been a massive 241% increase in people searching for Maximalism, and this made us wonder, does this mean people have become more carefree with their interior choices since the start of the pandemic?


What else have we found?

  • The UK is embracing the colour Green more compared to last year, with a combined search increase of 106% for ‘Green Kitchens’ and ‘Green Walls’, and both trends having over 100,000 hashtags on Tik Tok.
  • 144% more people are Googling 'Japandi' décor this year compared to last year and it is a top Tik Tok trend
  • The Bauhaus Influence is Tik Toks second top interior trend, but the UK doesn’t search for the trend very much, with only 40 average monthly searches on Google.
  • Pink bathrooms and pink kitchen are top Tik Tok trends, and the terms have a combined search increase of 101% when comparing this year to last.
  • The UK are connecting their homes with the natural environment now more than ever, with searches for ‘Biophilic design’ increasing by 51% since the start of last year and having over 100,000 Tik Tok hashtags.
  • The 4th Tik Tok interior design trend is ‘Dark Kitchens’, and the trend has a search increase of 50% since the start of last year.
  • There has been a 23% increase for ‘natural décor’ since last year, and its Tik Toks 12th Interior trend.
Blind & awnings experts, Luxaflex have shared their thoughts on the relatively new trend - Japandi. 
Japan and Scandinavia don't share much in common but when it comes to home design they both take a minimum approach. Inspired by neutral colours, comfort and simplicity, creating a relaxing and calming environment - after this year we could all do with a simpler way of life.

Using neutral shades this trend can help to create stability and stimulate an environment for change and creativity. Creating solid foundations that’s perfect for connecting different spaces and can easily be incorporated into any type of interior.

japandi interior

So, the big question… maximalism or minimalism? Let us know over on Twitter! 

Methodology: Taking 20 of the top 2021 interior design trends, Bed Guru gathered Tik Tok hashtags for each trend to see which one came out on top. From here, Bed Guru looked at Google search data to see how much the UK were searching for these trends on a monthly basis. To view the ranking tables for the 20 trends please click here.

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