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This Might Just Be the Best Bedroom Design Advice

How does the editor of an award-winning interior design blog decorate her bedroom? We caught up with Apartment Number 4’s Victoria Jackson to find out…

23rd August, 2017
by Carl Walsh

How does the editor of an award-winning interior design blog decorate her bedroom? We caught up with Apartment Number 4’s Victoria Jackson to find out…

Style at Home magazine photographed her apartment, luxury brands like Oliver Bonas invited her to work with them and Cosmopolitan Magazine named her lifestyle blog one of the best in the country – so who better to ask for bedroom storage and decoration tips, than Victoria Jackson?

“I’m so lucky to have a south facing huge window and French doors out to a balcony in my bedroom, so natural light streams through all day. I rent so I can’t do too much to change it in terms of paint or wallpaper, so I went with a classic monochrome décor to work with the original scheme,” Victoria enthused. “Think crisp white sheets, black and white photography on the walls and a huge ornate framed floor to ceiling mirror – I like to think it looks almost Parisian.”

She even captured Paris’ timeless glamour with a huge Hollywood mirror on her dressing table, above her Liz Earle and beauty products, ready to go. When you wake at 6.30am every day, as Victoria does, it pays to be organised. So she also lays out her outfit, packs her bag and lunch each night, before an episode or two of Friends. Her bedroom, with its polished bohemian vibe, is almost as relaxing as Yorkshire’s Titanic Spa – where Victoria had one of the best sleeps of her life during a 50 minute massage on her birthday. 

You won’t be surprised to learn that Victoria’s bedroom is bang on trend. She combs through social media for inspiration, scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to suss out the latest trends and looks – so you know full well that her ideas work well in real, lived in homes like yours and her own rental apartment.

“A big trend this year for bedrooms is a return to Californian-boho – tassels on cushions, leathers, embroidery, neutrals with pops of pinks, purples, blues and greens, sequins dotted around, decorative items with a story to tell, picked up on travels, layered rugs etc,” she hinted. “This is definitely a trend I can see myself climbing on board with.”

But before you go ahead and follow suit, grab your tape measure, pen and paper to measure your bedroom and figure out the best layout before transforming your bedroom. Only then can the fun begin.

“I always buy furniture with drawers, including my bedside tables and dressing table. The more storage the better as I like the overall aesthetic of the room to be clean and simple. I could never go all Marie Kondo and throw out all my belongings, but if I can tidy them all away in drawers then it makes for a happy space."

So would Victoria sleep on a divan bed or Ottoman storage bed? “Absolutely! It enables you to store away bulkier items such as bedding and towels, and a white valance sheet hanging down to hide the base of the bed can look really stylish in the right setting.”

For now though, perhaps you’ll have to shop our collection of metal bed frames and organic mattresses to recreate the stylish look and comfort of Victoria’s sleep space, because she told us, “I have a white wrought iron bed and the most comfortable mattress you’ve ever laid on. It’s made from cashmere, wool and cotton mix – it’s almost like sleeping on a cloud.” Victoria continued, “A mattress is definitely an investment for me, and something I wouldn’t think twice about spending a little more money on because, let’s face it, we spend nearly half our lives in bed.”

For all the advice and inspiration you could possibly need to transform your bedroom or, indeed, any room of your home, why not have a browse on Apartment Number 4 today?

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