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Three lions? More like three lie-ins!

It’s coming home! Last night England took the crown in their semi-final match against Denmark, and now all eyes will be on the team for the Euro’s 2021 final on Sunday 11th July.

8th July, 2021
by Carl Walsh

It’s coming home! Last night England took the crown in their semi-final match against Denmark, and now all eyes will be on the team for the Euro’s 2021 final on Sunday 11th July.

With everyone ready to head out and support the England team, a government petition has been circulating to grant a bank holiday on Monday 12th July, so the UK can really go wild with supporting the boys. We are sure there will be some sore heads on the Monday, and most of the UK will probably benefit from an extra lie-in.

Three lie-ins on a shirt!

At Bed Guru, we recognise the importance of sleep, and therefore we fully support the petition for a Bank Holiday on Monday the 12th July so people can fully recover from the night before.

We also think it's important to prepare yourself for the Euro final by having lie-ins on Saturday and Sunday. It’s important not to stop dreaming, after all.

Bed Guru found that there has been an 86% increase in people searching for ‘Bank Holiday’, and 99% increase in people searching for ‘will Monday be a bank holiday?’ between the hours of 8pm and 11pm last night (7th July).

Preparing for the Euro’s 2021 final

Getting a good night’s sleep and having a long lie-in can revolutionise your mood. Not only do you feel more awake, but you will feel more positive (and we need all the positive affirmations for England on Sunday!).

Three benefits of three lay-ins – Why an extra lie-in on Monday is essential.

Improve your attention span ready for the big game - When tiredness sets in, one of the first things you notice is how hard it is to concentrate. Even simple tasks like checking the time or recalling a phone number can become frustrating. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on our brains' ability to maintain focus. So, if you have missed your lie-ins this following Saturday and Sunday, it could make following the ball at 8pm on Sunday a tricky one.

If Monday 12th July does become a bank holiday, we think a lie-in would benefit all UK workers, as they will have had a nice long lay-in to recuperate, ready for their day at work on Tuesday.

Helps to reduce stress - If you become sleep-deprived, your body begins to produce more stress hormones - a direct result of our fast-paced lifestyles. So, with the Euro’s final coming up, more sleep should be your first port of call to prevent unnecessary stress and nerves.

We are sure the England team will bring it home on Sunday, but regardless of what happens, an extra lay-in on Monday will mean you will be less stressed for the work week ahead.

Helps you form memories - Sleep is not only great for your body, but it’s also great for your mind too. You may have noticed when you feel sleep deprived you struggle to remember even the simplest things, which is not ideal when you want to remember such a monumental event.

During sleep, while your body rests and recovers, your brain is busy organising and storing the day's events. This process of consolidation is when your brain is thought to create and store memories, knowledge, and even learned skills. With an extra lie-in on Monday, you are more likely to remember the events from the Euro’s final.

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So, we are sure England’s not going to throw it away, they’ve got it in the bag!

Three lions? More like three lie-ins! To sign the petition for an extra lay-in follow this link - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/590282


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