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Welcome to the Goodnight Guru

Sleep is a strange thing, but by the end of our lives we've spent a third of our time on this earth doing just that!

14th July, 2015
by Carl Walsh

When you think about it, sleep is a pretty strange thing. We all do it, every day. In fact, by the end of our lives we will have spent about a third of our time on this earth doing just that, sleeping!

Bed Guru statue

We welcome you to be your own judge, but if you’re going to be spending around 25 of your 75 years sleeping, we’d say it’s pretty important to be comfortable. More important than say…painting a fence, changing your Facebook photo, descaling the kettle, pairing socks. You get the picture.

Sleep is a vital component in the everyday functioning of our bodies. A disturbed night’s sleep is likely to mean a poor mind-set for the day ahead and can also affect the body’s immune system, hormonal balance and appetite amongst other things. There are plenty of scientific studies which support just how important a good night’s sleep is.

If there was a simple answer for achieving the perfect night’s rest, believe us when we say we would share it with you. Rather, it is a glorious synchronization of body and mind, a perfect coming together of mind-set and mattress.

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No two people have the same sleeping requirements. Body shape, size, age and health all contribute to preventing comfort in bed, which is why here at Bed Guru we never stop learning about the best way for you to achieve a perfect night’s sleep.

From one product to the next, we will listen, educate, and advise, avoiding the confusion and struggle of choosing from hundreds of different brands. Everyone deserves a great night’s sleep and a great night’s sleep means a happier, healthier and more focussed you.

Expect tonnes of useful expert info here on the Goodnight Guru and help us share with each other everything there is to know about getting that all important shut eye.

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