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What to Look for in a Mattress

Before you go off and part with your hard-earned money, here are a few things we’ve learned about choosing a mattress after over 40 years of selling sleep.

20th August, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Your current mattress has given you 8 years of sound sleep, but the time has come to finally part ways. But where do you start? The sheer variety of mattresses on offer Is enough to put you off buying one altogether.

Before you go off and part with your hard-earned money, here are a few things we’ve learned about choosing a mattress after over 40 years of selling sleep.

Pocket spring is king

To put it simply, the best mattresses money can buy still contain individually pocketed springs. This means that each spring works independently to provide pressure-relieving support. Another advantage of this is that you won’t disturb your partner as you toss and turn in the night.

Pocket sprung mattresses are a popular option because they offer fantastic support and durability at almost every price point.

And because of their popularity, you’ll find them in every size you can imagine. Our range comes in standard UK and EU sizes as you’d expect. Plus special and bespoke sizes if you have a unique bed or space.

You can learn more about our bespoke bed and mattress sizes here.

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Making sense of spring count 

Mattress manufacturers have a tendency to include as many springs as possible to sell their products, often resorting to questionable practices like arranging springs inside of springs to boost the numbers.

But the truth is, the advantages of more springs can diminish after a certain number. And with some mattresses containing smaller springs than others, you should avoid trying to make a direct comparison.

Remember, more springs aren’t always better. And it doesn’t necessarily mean a softer or firmer mattress. Ideally, you should opt for a mattress with at least 2,000 pocket springs to make sure you get the quality and durability you’re looking for.

Our higher spring count mattresses have layers of mini pocket springs that we add with the upholstery for an even more high-end luxury feel. 

If you’re unsure about settling on the right spring count, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

Other features worth considering 

In some mattresses, latex, cashmere, mohair, lambs wool, or memory foam are combined with pocket springs to add an extra layer or comfort and support. Sometimes called hybrid or combination mattresses, these are the crème de la crème of mattresses, but also command a higher price tag as you might expect.

Breathe sign


Breathability is one of the most important features of any mattress. A breathable mattress is made of materials that allow plenty of air to circulate between the layers. This helps to disperse body heat and perspiration to keep you cool. And since your body deliberately cools down to help you sleep, breathability is key.

Look out for mattresses with additional air vents and natural fillings, like this one in our Natural Mattresses range.

Handmade here in Britain, this 3,000 pocket spring mattress is filled with 100% cotton, wool, cashmere, mohair and silk. Making it less likely to irritate sensitive skin or allergies than some synthetic materials. The result is a mattress that is supportive, absorbent, and beautifully breathable.

One size doesn't fit all

No two human bodies are the same, so any manufacturer spouting a one-size-fits-all mattress should be questioned. Thanks to automation and the newly accepted idea that a quality mattress can be made from just two or three layers of foam, the quality handmade mattress is under threat.

Be mindful of manufacturer's using synthetic foam to replace durable pocket springs wrapped in natural materials like wool, cotton, and latex. Traditional construction techniques like hand-tufting and hand side-stitching are being abandoned in favour of a design that fits inside a box.

The ‘latest technology’ and ‘your best night’s sleep’, they are not.

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Getting mattress firmness right

The ideal mattress firmness varies from person to person. Your ideal firmness will depend on how you sleep and the shape of your body.

We give each of our mattresses a firmness rating out of 5. 1 being the firmest, 5 being the softest. Generally, the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be. If you toss and turn a lot in the night, a softer mattress is more suitable than a firm one to mould to your body as you move around.

And a softer mattress doesn’t mean a low quality mattress. We have a number of high quality gentle feel mattresses to choose from. Like this one!

If you sleep primarily on your back or front, a firmer mattress will provide the support you need and prevent you from sinking into it. Which can be a major cause of lower back pain. If you need specific advice about choosing mattress firmness, we’re more than happy to help you get it right.

A whole lot more than selling beds 

Our resident sleep specialist Carl has spent more than 40 years educating people on the importance of sleep.

He believes that people who get the recommended 8 hours of sleep live longer and happier lives. It’s why we won’t rest until you do.

For more help choosing your next mattress, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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