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Why Do People Buy Ottoman Beds?

Why do people buy Ottoman beds? They have many uses, and are one of the most reliable out there. Find out more in the latest Bed Guru blog.

16th August, 2018
by Carl Walsh

If you’re looking to maximise comfort while minimising clutter in the bedroom, you may want to consider purchasing an ottoman. Originating in the 17th century, the ottoman bed has become an increasingly popular choice for modern homes due to its innovative, space-saving capabilities. If you’re living in an inner-city pad, then you’re probably all too aware that every cubic foot counts. Why not save yourself the hassle of finding extra wardrobe space and make use of your bed instead? Frequently featured in leading interior design magazines, this style of frame is classical yet available in a number of contemporary designs. Read on to find out more about the ottoman design and whether or not it will work in your home.

What makes an Ottoman unique?

The concept of under-bed storage is not a particularly unique one, but what sets the ottoman design apart from its competitors is how the storage space is actually accessed. Rather than requiring its owners to pull out drawers, the ottoman allows you to lift its entire top section (mattress included) to grant full access to its often-cavernous interior. The storage space in most ottomans is not broken up by internal separators, meaning you have an expansive interior that can give an array of items a snug home. Perhaps you’d like to store some extra cushions, off-season clothing or your never-ending DVD collection inside? You could even pop a spare mattress/camp bed in to your ottoman to ensure you’re never caught short when entertaining guests.

Do I have enough room for an ottoman?

Like most bed frames, the ottoman starts at a single/cot size (90-190cm) and goes all the way up to a masterful super king (180-200cm). Opting for a single will net you approximately 15.11 cubic feet of storage space while the super king brings with it a staggering 30.22 cubic feet. Be sure to accurately measure your bedroom (it pays to measure twice) before looking at mattresses, you want to find a frame that enhances your bedroom without overwhelming it. When it comes to the ottoman’s lifting mechanism, its best suited to ceilings that aren’t excessively low. If you are in a flat or house with very low ceilings then this could restrict your bed from lifting fully, though you should still be able to partially raise the mattress and gain access to storage regardless.

Practicalities of owning an ottoman.

One of the most obvious questions about ottoman bed frames is how heavy are they to lift? If you’ve ever attempted to flip your mattress solo then you’ll have probably realised that all that comfort comes at a pretty heavy price. Thankfully, most modern ottomans come with pneumatic pistons (that make lifting a lightweight affair) and can be locked in to an elevated position while you access the space below. This ease of movement makes the ottoman design suitable for elderly owners as well as those accustomed to heavy lifting.

Style meets substance

The ottoman design has an unquestionably classic quality to it, but here at Bed Guru we have a range of styles to suit any modern home. Perhaps you want to lend your bedroom a regal edge, in which case we recommend you take a look at our Lillian Ottoman. With its grand Chesterfield design richly upholstered and offset by striking natural wood finishing, this is a timeless piece that says luxury from head to foot. Maybe your style is a little more modern, in which case the Cubist ottoman may be the match for you. Its sharp style lines and cubic texturing have a real visual impact and one of a kind appeal. 

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