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Get a Custom Size Bed Like Your Favourite Celebrity

At Bed Guru, we are passionate about providing beds and mattresses that help people sleep well, and this why we have our very own custom-sized bed service.

10th February, 2021
by Carl Walsh

Do you need a bed or mattress to fit into that awkwardly sized space in your bedroom? Well, we can create bespoke mattresses, bed frames and divan bases to fit your unique space.

Thousands of people in the UK are over 6ft tall, and there are a lot of advantages to being this tall, for example, being able to reach the high snack cupboard in your kitchen, being able to get a better view of your surroundings and being able to change a light bulb without a ladder.  

But being tall comes with disadvantages too, and one of the biggest ones is not being able to fit in your bed! That’s right, thousands of adults in the UK are squishing themselves into the wrong sized bed, which is a cause for sleep deprivation and back pain.

The size of an average length bed in the UK is only 6'3”, so anyone taller than 5’11” should really opt for a bed that is 6'6" in length. To accommodate this, Bed Guru offer a custom-sized bed service, where they will design and build the perfect mattress for your height.  

custom sized beds

Celebrities are tall too, you know.

Some of the most famous celebrities in the world are taller than 5’11", and these celebrities are sure to have huge beds to accommodate their heights. You can’t imagine Snoop Dog trying to relax in a small double bed, can you?

Take a look at the table below and you will be able to spot some of the most famous celebs on the planet. All of these celebrities are above average height and are highly likely to have their own custom beds. Imagine if they didn’t? You would see some of your favourite actors and singers walking around looking half asleep all the time!

For these celebrities, small mattresses and beds could affect their career, as no sleep has a negative effect on health and mood. Shawn Mendes wouldn’t have the energy to write songs anymore, and Nicole Kidman wouldn’t have the energy to film your favourite TV dramas.

Shawn Mendes


Snoop Dog


Jason Momoa


Brad Garrett


 Joe Manganiello 


 Vince Vaughn 


Gwendoline Christie


Elizabeth Debicki


Elle Macpherson 


Venus Williams 


Karlie Kloss 


Ireland Baldwin 


How the wrong sized bed might affect your health:

If you have the wrong bed or mattress size, you could be injuring your body. A bed and mattress that is too small for your body could be encouraging your back and neck to sleep in uncomfortable, contortionist, positions.

If you need to twist and turn awkwardly to feel comfortable in your bed, it’s not because you are fussy! It’s because you have the wrong sized bed and mattress.

The ideal mattress will be the correct size and supportive, and one that lets you sleep comfortably on your back, side, or front without developing injuries.

Weakened immune system.

Not having the right size bed and mattress can also affect your overall wellbeing and immune system. If you are having sleepless night due to your bed set-up, this will lead to the weakening of your immune system. When you are tired, it is harder for your body to fight of illnesses. When you are asleep, your body releases proteins called cytokines which help promote sleep and helps fight of inflation and infection. Without sleep, there will be a decrease of these important, protective, proteins.

Premature ageing

Lack of sleep caused by the wrong sized mattress could also lead to premature ageing. If your uncomfortable mattress and bed are keeping you awake at night, it could affect your skin I the short and long term.

In a study by cosmetics company Estee Lauder, woman that slept through the night had the youngest looking skin. However, woman that failed to get a good night’s sleep, were more likely to show signs of ageing.

Loss of libido

The less you sleep the more likely it is that your sex drive will be low. Research has shown that lack of sleep has a negative effect on libido and that men could produce lower levels of testosterone.  

So, if Shawn Mendes and Snoop Dog happen to be sleeping on a bed and mattress that’s too small for them, they could be suffering from the above issues.

Tall celebrity custom sized beds

Short celebrities need small beds!

Danny Devito


Reese Witherspoon


Nicki Minaj


Lady Gaga


Vanessa Hudgens


Nicole Richie


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


So, tall celebrities are able to get custom-sized to fit their needs, but what about short celebrities? What will they do about all the spare space in their bed? Well, Bed Guru can also make beds smaller, not just bigger.

Getting a small custom sized bed will help you save space in your bedroom. For every foot you take off your bed, you could add another piece of furniture into your room that you otherwise wouldn’t of bee able to add. Remember that dresser you wanted but it wouldn’t fit into your room? Well, now it can, with Bed Guru’s custom-sized bed service enabling you to shorten your bed and free up space.

Custom size bed services are also great for quirky properties that might have unique shaped rooms. If you live in a small cosy cottage, you might be short on room space. This might mean you’re having to decide between which furniture can go in your room and which can’t. But with a bespoke sized bed, you can customise it so ensure other furniture can fit alongside it.

Small celebrity custom sized beds

So, if you can’t find the right bed or mattress you’re looking for online, Bed Guru’s custom size bed service will be able to create the bed suitable for your needs. Be it wider or narrower, shorter or longer, higher or lower than your standard UK or EU bed, Bed Guru has you covered.

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