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Create a welcoming environment for your guests this Easter

Read our latest Bed Guru blog on how to create a welcoming environment for your guests this Easter.

12th March, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Welcoming visitors into your home at times can be a daunting prospect, especially during Easter, one of the busiest periods of the year. So why not make life easier for yourself?

Easter is a time when family are visiting, and your home will be a hustle and bustle hive of activity. If you are expecting guests over the festivities there are different tips and tricks you can put in place to ensure the process is as easy as possible and runs smoothly from start to finish.

We’ve put together our top 5 tips to create a welcoming environment for your guests this Easter. Ensuring your guests remember your home for all the right reasons.

1.  Choose the right bedding

Having the right bedding can set the scene for your guests from the minute they enter your home to walking into your bedroom. Picking the right style, and the right size are two of the most important factors in making your guest bedroom perfect.

Make sure you pick the right size bedding for the bed it's placed on. If you have a king size bed, get a king size quilt. This may sound an obvious one, but it’s scary how many people make that mistake!

Use your bedding to create the right aesthetics. Ensure your room looks good, and you’ll be sure to leave your guests wanting to come back. If your guest's mattress has seen better days, a mattress topper is a cost-effective way to give it a new lease of life. There's nothing worse than sleeping on a mattress that gives you a bad back. So be sure to check it before your guests arrive.

Wooden bed frame

2.  Have the right guest bed

Help your guests have the best night’s sleep possible by not only picking them the best bed but the best mattress to go with it. If you have more than one guest staying, or, for example, you have two children staying, then you may want to consider a pullout bed. One of the benefits of a guests bed is they’re perfect for small spaces and ensure nobody has to sleep on the sofa.

Having the right mattress can make all the difference, and there’s a multitude of options available. A pocket sprung mattress which helps adapts to your body shape and provide the best night’s sleep with no pain or an ultra-comfy memory foam mattress are just two popular choices.

3.  Create the right ambience

There are a few ways you can create the right ambience, and you can do this by knowing your guest. A quick and simple way to create a great ambience is background music. If you don’t know what your guests are into, then gauge their response to find out what to play next.

Getting the temperature right is important. A comfortable ambient temperature is around 18°C, it’s a crowd pleaser that is unlikely to get complaints of “it’s too hot” or “it’s too cold”. It’s a quick and simple way to create the right ambience and is a surefire way of keeping your guests’ content and happy.

Drinks cheers

4.  Make sure your house is smelling of roses

The smell is one of your guests first impressions of your home. So try lighting a candle or spreading some incense sticks around your house to make the experience a pleasant one. There are some great scented candles on the market that will add a little extra panache when you greet your guests.

Nobody wants to walk into a home that smells of cheap air freshener, or one that smells unclean. Of course, we are not ruling out air fresheners, there are some great ones on the market that will leave your home smelling great. But it’s important to remember how much is too much.

5.  Keep their bellies full and their minds busy

Crack open your best bottle of wine and unlock your Gordon Ramsey cooking skills. Food and drink is an easy way to leave the best impression possible. Easter is a time of year that is full of amazing foods and a great opportunity to share a drink.

Stick to what you know, don’t try and over complicate things because pardon the pun, it’s a recipe for disaster. If you have a speciality that you are comfortable and confident making, then go with that. It avoids something going wrong, and a panicked grab for the takeaway menu.

Contemporary bedroom

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to prepare your home for guests this Easter. For any more help or advice designing your dream bedroom, whether it be for yourself or your guest, read more of our useful advice and guides from our blog.

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