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How To Furnish A Small Bedroom

Don’t let a small room’s diminutive size limit your imagination: there’s plenty you can do to make the most of that space and turn it into a warm, welcoming room that has lots of potential.

11th December, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Small rooms are often wasted space – consigned to being storage or ‘dumping grounds’, your child’s first bedroom that they’ve now grown out of, or even just an empty room with nothing in it. Don’t let a small room’s diminutive size limit your imagination: there’s plenty you can do to make the most of that space and turn it into a warm, welcoming room that has lots of potential.

Think outside the box

The constraints of a small room mean you have to get a little bit creative when it comes to furnishings.

Firstly, know exactly what you’re working with. Measure your room so that you have specific measurements for the floor space, usable areas, spaces that are ‘dead’ areas (such as spots that need to stay clear to allow doors to open fully) and so on. Make full use of your tape measure and once you have a full set of measurements you can then sit down and plan your room carefully. Grab a piece of graph paper to draw out a plan – that way you can start off with a clearly defined space and fill it in, planning it out carefully before you hit the shops.

Furniture for small rooms

To make the most of a small bedroom, choose furniture that’s multi-functional. For example, if you’re turning a small room into a children’s bedroom then a cabin bed is a great way to pack in both a bed, a workspace for hobbies or homework, and storage space for all those little nick-knacks. 

Talking of storage – one of the bulkiest pieces of furniture is a wardrobe, so unless you can build in your wardrobes, it’s time to get creative again. Ottoman beds provide plenty of under-bed storage and because they don’t have side-opening drawers (which again encroaches onto the floor space around the bed) but open upwards, they’re perfectly suited for a small room. Ottomans give you easily accessible storage space to keep seasonal clothes, spare bed linen and other odds and ends, so you can minimise the amount of extra storage you need elsewhere in the room.

Gain an extra few inches by choosing a short bed. It won’t make any difference to the comfort levels (unless your guest is over six foot!) but it will free up a surprising amount of floor space and give even the smallest room a spacious feel.

The key with small rooms is to keep the clutter to a minimum, so choose a single piece of artwork rather than loads of pictures all over the place, and try to minimise the number of trinkets and ornaments you have on surfaces. Choose light, neutral tones, with curtains and rugs or carpets to match. Darker colours tend to make a room look smaller than it actually is, so go for pale colours and minimalist patterns.

Multi-functional bedroom

If you’re turning a small room into a guest room then there’s a good chance that it’s going to be a vacant space for much of the time. So rather than putting in a regular bed, why not go for a day bed and make the most of the space as a day room when you don’t have guests? Occasional beds are quick and easy to set up if you do have visitors. The rest of the time it can be a quiet space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, relax, and read a good book!

Bedroom Storage

Don’t forget the vertical space you have on offer, as well as the horizontal. Shelves are a great way to maximise storage space, while bunk beds are perfect if you want to turn the room into a child’s bedroom. Tallboys are a great alternative to chests of drawers, and give any room a sophisticated, traditional look but with a modern twist.

If you’re struggling to make the most of a tiny room, browse our selection of day beds, children’s bunks and cabin beds, or those incredibly practical Ottomans that maximise every inch of room with some clever storage solutions.

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