Ottoman Storage Beds

Choose a divan Ottoman bed to declutter even the narrowest bedroom. Be it a single Ottoman bed or Ottoman double bed, side opening, end opening or half opening Ottoman storage bed. Lift the mattress to reveal generous under-bed storage space, ideal for all your spare bedding. Shop our range for an Ottoman bed frame – a fabric Ottoman bed, upholstered your way. FREE delivery in England and Wales.

There’s only so much weight that a divan bed drawer can take, but the bottom of your Ottoman bed frame is supported by your bedroom floor, so it can take more punishment – creating an ideal space for dumbbells or books, alongside your winter clothes and spare bed linen.

Lift up the top of your fabric Ottoman bed to access your storage space – pneumatic pistons do all the heavy lifting for you, raising your mattress with ease. These range from 600 Newton gas pistons that support up to 45kg up to 800 gas pistons, depending on the size of your Ottoman storage bed. Shop the collection for a range of special size beds, EU bed sizes and standard UK bed sizes, such as a single Ottoman bed, Ottoman doubled bed or king size Ottoman bed.