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How to plan the perfect kids' sleepover

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23rd January, 2019
by Carl Walsh

Every parent faces that challenging social situation at some time – the kid’s want a sleepover! Not content with the sound of your own children tearing up the place, you’re now confronted with a whole houseful of everyone else’s little darlings too. Kids’ sleepovers are part of growing up, and they’re a great way to teach your kids about socialising and getting along, sharing and having fun with people of their own age.

However, don’t think that you grown-ups are going to get off that lightly – as the host you’re responsible for everything from snacks and drinks to organising games, entertainment and fun, all the way through to finding a cosy place to snuggle down once the excitement wears off and everyone gets tired. (Don’t expect that to happen until much later than you think, either!)

How do you plan the perfect kids’ sleepover? With military precision, plenty of forethought, and a little bit of help from Bed Guru.

How old are the kids?

The age of the children will have a direct influence on what kind of sleepover experience you provide. For example, younger children will enjoy plenty of games and activities, while older children will probably just want to be left alone with a Playstation, a bowl of popcorn and the occasional drink and snack run from mum or dad. Plan the evening according to the age of the kids and you’ll make sure everyone stays happy.

Pick a theme

A great way to really make the experience something to remember is to pick a theme. For example, it could be a movie night, an evening out at a sporting event followed by a post-match chill-out, or a theme picked by your own children, such as a ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ night, a Lego party, or a ‘Frozen’ theme for younger kids. You can then focus the entertainment around that theme with movies, games, and even themed snacks. By picking something that everyone’s into, you’ll make sure all your guests stay happy.

Something to remember the night

In this consumer age, the pressure is always on to provide ‘goodie bags’ for your guests. However, if you’re on a budget then how about getting the kids to make their own mementoes, and learn a new craft? Friendship bracelets are great fun for all ages, easy to learn, and can be a wonderful little souvenir of the night.

Keep the snacks and drinks coming, and check about any allergies or medication

Your guests will get hungry, so make sure there’s plenty of snacks on offer. Bear in mind that some children do have allergies to some products, so check with the parents first to make sure that your menu doesn’t include something that could cause a bad reaction (such as nuts, dairy or wheat). If any of the children take any medication then make sure you’re fully aware of what they need, and that they take their inhalers or meds as usual.

A comfy night’s sleep

After all that excitement, you want to make sure that your guests have the best possible night’s sleep. That’s where Bed Guru can help. We have a wide range of children’s beds and guest beds that will be perfect for a sleepover. If you want something that’ll last for years and be on hand whenever you need it, go for a Luxor Folding Guest Z Bed (the bed folds, not the guest!). These can be easily stored and then whipped out when you need them with no effort.

You may even want to consider getting them a bunk bed for their bedroom as this gives both them and the guest somewhere to sleep and only takes up as much space as a single bed. 

Take a look at our guide looking at why you should consider a bunk bed

A trundle guest bed can be tucked underneath the main bed so it’s easy to pull out whenever your child has a friend over to stay. 

If your kids have a head for heights (and you have high ceilings!) then why not take a look at a triple bunk bed?

Pick mattresses to fit and you’ve got the perfect combination of comfort and fun for a memorable sleepover, no matter how old your kids are. Once everyone’s gone home it’s easy to store z-beds and trundles back in their usual place, until the next time.

Don’t forget the morning after…

Make sure your guests have a hearty breakfast to tuck into the next day, so that they head off full, happy, and with some great memories. Sleepovers are a wonderful experience for kids to build lasting friendships. With a great night’s sleep thrown in as well as a fun party atmosphere, you’re bound to be the coolest parents in the neighbourhood!


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