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Why You Should Consider Bunk Beds

We've put together a guide looking at why you should consider bunk beds for your kid's bedroom.

3rd March, 2020
by Carl Walsh

If you’ve been lying awake at night wondering if you could improve your kids’ rooms, perhaps it’s time to think about kitting the space out with a bunk bed.

Whether you need to make more space for the arrival of a new family member, or you want to make more room in your teenager’s personal bolt-hole, this clever solution could be exactly what you’re looking for. After all, they’re safe, long-lasting and, of course, loads of fun. Read on to find out why they could just work for you and your family.

Give your kids more space to play

More often than not, kids’ rooms are smaller than other rooms. And if this is the case in your house, you might find that a bunk bed is an ideal way to make more space in their little bedroom, especially if you’ve got two children sharing one room.

If you try and squeeze in two single beds, you’ll be compromising on all-important space for storage (like wardrobes for clothes and boxes for toys). Plus, there’s be less room for the little ones to play around. With a bit of careful consideration, you could make the most of the room you have and choose bunk beds instead; use up vertical space that would otherwise go to waste and you’re guaranteed to free up precious floor space. Be prepared for the never-ending battle for the top bunk, though…

Need help freeing up some space in your bedroom? Read our guide to the best small beds for small spaces.

twins laid on couch outside

Let them have their privacy

If you have more than one child, sometimes sharing a bedroom is the only option. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have their own private space to sleep in. Wouldn’t it be great if they could have their own corner to retreat to at the end of the day?

Kitting their room out with bunk beds will make them feel like they’ve got their own independent place to go, where they can have a little time to themselves. And when both of them are getting on well – or when they’re in need of a little reassurance when bedtime comes around – you know they’ll love spending time in the same room as their brother and sister.

Bunk beds with storage

Certain bunk beds come with handy storage options including the Domino bunk bed that comes with small storage pockets so your kids can keep small toys and loose items safely kept out of harms reach.

You’ll often find that small items are what clutter your children’s bedrooms. Having somewhere to safely store them can help massively in keeping their rooms neat and tidy. You can even encourage them to keep their favourite things on the shelves as an extra incentive, encouraging them to keep them safe on the shelf. 

It’s a flexible sleeping solution

Pick one of the more versatile bunks like a mid sleeper and you’ll have the option to make more of the space below a bed.

As your children continue to grow (unfortunately, it’s inevitable!), this will prove to be a great value-for-money solution. It’s quick and easy to adapt the sleeping situation to suit them, rather than filling a bedroom space up with a standard single bed.

bunk beds

Your kids will love them

We’ve given you the rundown of the practical reasons to consider getting bunk beds for your children. But remember that they’re also loads of fun for the little ones, and most kids will absolutely love them.

Whether they’ve bagsied the top bunk or the bottom bunk, they’ll enjoy having a cosy little place of their own to sleep in, and they’ll have more space to play around in the rest of their room, too. There are loads of ways in which they can make their bunk bed their own. How about adding clip-on lamps with individual switches? Or perhaps you could pick bunk beds with separate storage compartments for each kid? It’s their space, so you can let them decide what they’d like to do with it.

There’s also a full range of bunk beds that come in different styles that they can’t help but fall in love with. From themed bunk beds like the London Bus bunk bed to the simple yet full of character Portland Pine bunk bed, their options are endless.

Where to buy a bunk bed

With so many solutions on offer – including single, double and even triple solutions – the possibilities are practically limitless. And with all kinds of styles to choose from (including metal or wooden frames to match the rest of the furniture), it’s easy to find a bunk that suits your family ‘down to the ground’!

At Bed Guru, we have a wide range of bunk beds and children’s beds for you to choose from that are simply perfect for your kid’s bedrooms. Get in touch if you need any more information. You can email us at info@bedguru.co.uk or call us on 0113 243 3616.


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