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How to Spring Clean Your Home in No Time at All

Dreading the big spring clean? Our favourite Bed Guru bloggers know how to get your home spic and span in a jiffy…

29th March, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Dreading the big spring clean? Our favourite bloggers know how to get your home spic and span in a jiffy…

1. Stick to your game plan like super glue

To do list

“There’s no way I could do our whole house in one day so I would need to come up with a plan of which rooms/ jobs were the most important and work my way down them. The spare bedroom will always be priority number one because it is the room with the most stuff in there!” Lyndsey from Me, Him, The Dog and a Baby explained.

She continued, “Part of having a good spring clean is to be very strict what you keep and what you don’t. Ask yourself if you’ve used something in the last couple of months. If you haven’t then it’s probably a good time to get rid!”

2. Prepare a spring cleaning tool-kit

Cosmic Kick’s Angela is nothing if not organised when it comes to spring cleaning. “Having the right tools for the job will cut cleaning time in half and make certain tasks easier on your body. An absolute must for time-saving is sorting containers; whether it’s baskets, boxes or bags, make sure you have a few to hand,” she recommended. And that’s not all. 

“Lastly, gather some essential cleaning items in a box or bucket. I suggest a micro fibre cloth, an old fully cleansed toothbrush for getting into tight spots, a bottle of strong bleach such as Zoflora, feather duster, wipes, a dust pan and brush and a flat head screwdriver for tightening up any doors, hinges or drawers on the fly,” Angela told us.

3. Set a time limit

Mug and alarm clock

On your marks, get set, spring clean! Follow Hayley from Tea Party Beauty’s advice and you’ll have this whole debacle done in a jiffy.

“Give yourself a set time to complete a task; so maybe an hour to declutter the ‘messy drawer’ in the kitchen. This will stop you from getting distracted, as you’ll have something to work with and to try keep within. I am terrible for checking my phone then 2 hours later wondering why nothing has been done." 

"Last time I did a big clean (before Christmas) I made myself a day plan, so I scribbled in say 2 hours for decluttering, an hour for hoovering, etc. It worked.”

4. Cut yourself some slack with realistic goals

“I always set out saying ‘I’m going to throw it all away & be 100% clutter free’. It never happens and it likely never will. Some clutter we need. So it’s best to set a realistic goal, say maybe to cut your shoe collection by 10 pairs. You’re more likely to give up if you’re setting unrealistic goals for your spring clean,” Hayley, aka Tea Party Beauty, wisely foretold.

5. Start by decluttering your wardrobe

Open plan wardrobe

Declutter queen Marie Kondo isn’t the only expert who says your spring clean should start with your wardrobe, as Angela from The Inspiration Edit added, ““My decluttering tips for a wardrobe are pretty easy. Keep clothes hung up, and boxes or totes stacked nicely. While that sounds easy, it can be a daunting task if you don’t keep on top of it regularly,” Angela from told us.”

Before you toss your unwanted outfits in the bin, sell them to earn a quick buck or donate them to a worthy cause.

“H&M are currently running a great scheme where you receive a £5 off voucher every time you donate clothes or fabric in-store. That way you're de-cluttering, doing good and getting a little treat in return. And if the item still has tags on it, why not list it on eBay or Depop? If you want rid of it quick, start with a low starting price or put it on for a couple of quid. I've recently made a couple of hundred pounds solely from listing on both platforms,” Ellis from Ellis Tuesday enthused.

6. Use your bed as a space-saving storage space

Storage bed

Angela from The Inspiration Edit told us, “For many years I’ve stored bedding under the bed. However, I always have to get down on the floor to pull everything out to find what I need. This is counterproductive when trying to declutter.”

“That’s why I think the Divan Bases by Bed Guru are such a great idea. The Divan bases have pull out drawers which are easy for storing shoes and bedding, without having to go diving under the bed. This frees up space from the closet and you can also store seasonal clothing under my bed.”

Want more? Find out everything worth knowing about Divan bed bases or call us today.

7. Make your bed with clean sheets

A simple, but effective spring cleaning technique, according to Ellis from Ellis Tuesday. She told us, “The difference that this makes is truly unbelievable. Not only will your bedroom look so much more put together but nothing beats getting into fresh bedding at the end of a long day!”

8. Finished? Rethink your furniture

“Now that the place is tidier it’s much easier to see which furniture is working for your home and which isn’t. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that empty CD tower since you only stream music these days, or maybe you need more storage.

I’ve been trying to decide which of the storage beds over at Bed Guru would work best for Wayne and I. They have the type with drawers which seems like the easiest option, and they also have the ‘lift-up’ type that’s great if you prefer a sleek finish with hidden storage.

Reconsidering your furniture is especially important for those who live in small spaces where every spare centimetre counts.” Angela, Cosmic Kick.

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