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Everything Worth Knowing About Divan Bed Bases

To make the best decision, you need to know the facts. Here, Bed Guru uncover the UK's favourite, divan beds...

11th March, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Divan bases. They double as storage, preserve your mattress, and can be engineered to make it up even the narrowest of spiral staircases. Yet we don't shout as loud as we should about them. In fact, until we delivered one to Helsinki, Finland last week (a lovely perk of the job), we'd forgotten how versatile and adaptable they are. So let's agree to never take Divan beds for granted again! 

Because of the storage, a divan bed base can create a space that’s much more than simply just a place to sleep, which is especially useful if you’re limited on storage space in your home. Yet, despite such high levels of practicality and adaptability, divan beds still don’t seem to make it onto everyone’s radar when it comes to buying a new bed frame. But it goes without saying that we’re big fans of them, so we thought we’d put together a brief guide to tell you everything you need to know.

What is a Divan bed?

Only the most popular bed base in Britain! Seriously. This speaks volumes for the quality of sleep they provide. 

Sold without a mattress or a headboard, and ideal for those of you who already have both.

Divan bed bases are upholstered wooden boxes, built to last from sturdy, responsibly sourced timber. Unlike standard bed frames or bases which provide one solid base for your mattress, Divans come in two sections, sometimes more, which seamlessly sit side-by-side on your bedroom floor. It makes them the lightest and easiest to move bed base on the market.

You can choose built-in storage beneath the mattress, from Ottomans, to drawers on all four sides. Up top, you can opt for extra-soft cushioning springs or firmer padding, both designed to enhance the feel of your mattress.

Upholstered with your choice of fabric, divans are incredibly flexible and customisable.

Will I need to assemble a divan?

There is some assembly required, but it is minimal. Usually, divan beds come in two main parts with easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you through the process. When you’ve connected the divans together (and added a divan headboard if you’re having one), it’s ready to go.

So what different types are there?

As is with a specially chosen mattress, which is only as good as the bed base below it, divans are designed to cater to your specific sleep preferences. Here at Bed Guru, we have three main types.

1. Sprung Top Divan 

These solid timber frames of ours are finished with a shallow layer of open coil or pocket springs, which run the entire length of your bed, from edge to edge. How deep said layer is, is up to you. It's a toss-up between two depths. Three for our antique bed bases. 

Sprung top divan beds, with what is essentially a second thin mattress, increase the lifespan or your pocket sprung mattress. Ultimately, they are designed to soften the feel of your mattress. 

2. Platform / Firm Top Divan 

Swap your springs for a layer of padding, and you have yourself a divan bed base which offers a firmer, but no less comfortable sleep. It's the better choice for those among you with a firmer feel mattress made without springs. Perhaps latex or memory foam? 

3. Electrical Adjustable Bases

This isn't a fixed top, so it requires something altogether different. Our electrical divan beds are topped with adjustable solid beech slats which move and hold you comfortably in your ideal position at the push of a button. All of which is powered by a motorised mechanism.

Electrical adjustable divans very literally help you out of bed in the morning! And there's still plenty of storage space underneath.

Any more for any more?

Whether you own an Edwardian bed frame, something of roughly the same vintage, or simply want to be the host with the most, hold onto your hats. There's a specially designed, British-made Divan for you as well.

1. Divan Bed Base for Antique Frames

Breathe a sigh of relief, for you have finally found the ideal divan bed base, expertly made-to-measure for your awkward-sized antique bed frame. We have the short, narrow and non-standard shapes down to a T.

Their tapered corners fit snug over your original bolts, to prevent damage to the frame and sagging to your mattress. While the solid timber frame, with either a sprung or firm surface, can reach your perfect height. 

2.  Zip & Link Divan Beds

Hoteliers and guest bedroom owners these are aimed at you. Zip & Link divans are two separate beds which seamlessly join to make one King or Super King size bed, and vice versa. While the Zip & Link mattresses often steal the show, they'd be nothing without their firm top counterparts, neatly connected below.

Become a Zip & Link Divan expert.

You mentioned storage space?

divan storage options

Divan bed bases raised on legs naturally open up storage space beneath your mattress. But if you like the sound of upholstered divan bed bases better, there's ample room for cleverly in-built drawers.

Whether you use all of the space underneath your divan bed base or half of it. Your opportunities are endless, see our storage guide for more info!

How big are divan beds?

It depends on which type of divan you’re after. Firm Top Divans are available in 21 standard and non-standard UK and EU sizes, while there are 12 antique bed base styles. Sprung Top Divans range from a small single to a king size.

There’s literally a full spectrum of sizes, because we specialise in bespoke beds, such as the following, in cm. Whether it’s single or double, we’ve got you covered – just remember to measure the space where your bed is going to go into first so that you don’t buy one that’s too small or, (even worse!) too big. Here at the Bed Guru, because we’re also specialists in bespoke bed sizes, we can happily create a perfect fitting bed for you if you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution. Just give us a call if you want to discuss special sizes and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Small Singles

    Starting at (75 x 160). Or 15cm thinner and 30cm shorter than standard single beds
  • Short Singles

    Starting at (90 x 160). Or same width, but 30cm shorter than standard single beds. Read more about shorter length single beds.
  • Wide Single

    Biggest being (110 x 200). Or 20cm wider and 10cm longer than your standard single bed.
  • Short King Size Bed

    (150 x 190) Same width, but 10cm shorter than standard King size beds.
  • Short Double Bed 

    (135 x 175 ). Same width, but 15cm shorter than your standard double beds. Read more about shorter length double beds.

Alternatively, give us a call and we can talk to you about our Special Sizes, we love a challenge!

  1. Cubist Opening Ottoman Bed
    Cubist Ottoman Upholstered Bed

Coloured fabrics to your liking 

From lavender, lilac and plum hues, to duck egg blue, earthy granite and shimmering steel, you’re not short on options for your new divan. Whether coffee coloured faux suedes or leathers do it for you, or patterned chenille is more to your taste, your divan can come in up to 30 different shades.

See our colour guide for the full range. We’ll even post samples through your letterbox for a closer look.

How to find a headboard for your divan bed

Unlike bedsteads, divan beds are traditionally sold without a headboard – although they are easily fitted with headboard bolts.

Simply check how much space you have above your bed. Decide whether you’ll lean against your headboard (for example, if you regularly read or watch TV in bed) or use it purely for decoration. Then check out these triple panelled, stylish rectangular headboards. You can upholster them to match your bed base seamlessly, for a more uniform look.

Do I need a divan wrap?

Covering your divan bed base in a wrap really can transform the look of your bed; it’s a simple yet effective way to add some style. A divan wrap usually comes in one piece, complete with elastic at the top and bottom to make it easy to fit and ensure it stays firmly in place. All kinds of different materials are available to suit your tastes (including suede), so you can create a design that suits your style.

Sleep-enhancing divan bed bases improve your life, because...

  1. They can be built to your specific height specifications, making it easier for you to get on and off your mattress.
  2. Sprung or firm, their tops absorb shock and reduce the wear on your mattress - while perfectly complementing it.
  3. They create a seamlessly flat and fully supportive bed foundation.
  4. Bed Guru can engineer a divan to overcome almost any obstacle your home. From single size beds in two pieces to doubles in three, we even designed the 'KitKat' bed base - totting up four pieces! 
  5. Divans are incredibly lightweight and can easily be moved from room to room. 

The best solutions are often the simplest – it’s the same for sleep

There’s one final nugget about divan beds left to pass on to you unless you still have a burning question which we’ll happily answer!

When you buy any divan base with any mattress, you’ll receive a £40 discount. Your new bed will typically be ready for super-speedy dispatch within three working days. Which is nothing short of miraculous, with the many options you have here at your disposal.

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