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How to Store Your Summer Bedding

It’s almost time to do the old switcheroo – pack away your summer bedding until spring, in preparation for those long winter nights. Bed Guru explain how you'll do it...

19th October, 2016
by Carl Walsh

It’s almost time to do the old switcheroo – pack away your summer bedding until spring, in preparation for those long winter nights…

Light duvets and thin bed sheets won’t keep you snug when the temperature plummets. You need quilted, fleecy bedding to keep the chill at bay.

Here’s our guide on how to store your summer bedding so that it’s all ready for you next summer.

Wash what you can 

First thing’s first, wash your summer bed sheets, comforters and pillow cases on a low temperature – hot water can shrink the fibres, so delicate cycles are much better. Use slightly less detergent than you usually would, too much soap can build up over time and make your bed sheets stiff – you’re aiming for soft and comfy.

Of course, you’ll want to check the labels and follow the washing instructions. Washing large comforters, blankets and double duvets can prove tricky at home, so think about taking them to your local launderette.

Whack it in the tumble dryer

Your summer bedding needs to be bone dry before you store it away for six months, otherwise it could go mouldy. Sheets dry faster than towels, so it shouldn’t take long on a low heat. 

The trick is to dry your bed linen and duvets separately, making sure you don’t overstuff your tumble dryer – only fill it half way, leaving room for everything to fluff up and lose creases.

Bed Guru Top Tip: For super dry sheets, toss a few wool balls or one clean tennis ball into the dryer with the bed linen.

And air it out

All tumble dried? Let everything air out for a little while to cool down and get rid of any moisture. 

Fold bed linens into a cotton bag

Fold and store your clean summer bed sheets, pillow cases and bed linen into fabric or cotton bags to protect them from dust. Sealed plastic bags can trap moisture inside and cause fabrics to yellow, so find a breathable fabric version that allows air to circulate.

Tuck in a sprig of lavender

Pop a sprig of dry lavender in the bag with your summer bedding. Not only will it keep everything smelling nice, but it’s also a natural moth repellent – keeping the little pests at bay and your summer bedding hole free. Don’t like lavender? Try cedar wood instead. 

Vacuum pack your summer duvet

Quilts and summer mattress toppers can take up a lot of space, which is when vacuum packing comes in handy – sucking all the air out temporarily shrinks everything to a size that’s easier to manage. 

Label it

Storing your summer bedding in the attic? You’ll thank yourself for marking ‘summer pillow covers’ or ‘summer duvet’ when you hunt it out again…

Find it a home

Pop your neatly folded summer bedding somewhere dry, away from humidity and dust. Think in your divan bed base or in a trunk at the foot of your bed, somewhere out of sight and easily accessible.

Flip and hoover your mattress

Before you cover your mattress with a warm fleecy mattress protector, a thick quilted mattress topper and your winter duvet, give it a once over. All but pillow-top mattresses should be flipped over. Run the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner over your mattress to get rid of any skin flakes (yes, gross we know) and dust that bed bugs feed on. That’ll keep it clean and fresh.

Fluff up your winter duvet

After months stored away, the fibres in your winter duvet will be rather tight and compact. Wrap a pair of tights around the nozzle of your hoover, so the suction isn’t too strong, and run it over your winter duvet – it’ll help re-fluff the filling, making it as comfy and as warm as it should be. 

Make the rest of your bedroom ready for winter

Check out last week’s blog on our tips for a seasonal bedroom… 

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