Size Guide

Here at Bed Guru we have a huge selection of different size beds from UK small singles, UK King and UK Double. We also stock EU sizes and a selection of Special Sizes including Short Single and Short King. If you have a specific or unusual sized space that you want to fit a bed into why not take a look at our size guide below or alternatively give us a call and we can talk to you about our Special Sizes, we love a challenge!

Standard Sizes

SizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)Dimensions (Imperial)
UK Single 90 190 3ft x 6ft3
UK Small Single 75 190 2ft6 x 6ft3
UK Wide Single 107 190 3ft6 x 6ft3
UK Double 135 190 4ft6 x 6ft3
UK Small Double 120 190 4ft x 6ft3
UK King Size 150 200 5ft x 6ft6
UK Super King 180 200 6ft x 6ft6
EU Single 90 200 3ft x 6ft6
EU Double 140 200 4ft7 x 6ft6
EU King 160 200 5ft3 x 6ft6

Special Sizes

SizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)Dimensions (Imperial)
Small Single (75x160) 75 160 2ft6 x 5ft3
­Small Single (75x168) 75 168 2ft6 x 5ft6
­Small Single (75x175) 75 175 2ft6 x 5ft9
Small Single (75x180) 75 180 2ft6 x 6ft
Small Single (70x200) 70 200 2ft3 x 6ft6
Small Single (75x200) 75 200 2ft6 x 6ft6
Small Single (80x200) 80 200 2ft7 x 6ft6
Short Single (90x160) 90 160 3ft x 5ft3
Short Single (90x168) 90 168 3ft x 5ft6
Short Single (90x175) 90 175 3ft x 5ft9
Short Single (90x180) 90 180 3ft x 6ft
Wide Single (107x190) 107 190 3ft6 x 6ft3
Wide Single (100x200) 100 200 3ft3 x 6ft6
Wide Single (110x200) 110 200 3ft7 x 6ft6
Short Double (135x175) 135 175 4ft6 x 5ft9
Short Double (135x180) 135 180 4ft6 x 6ft
Short King (150x190) 150 190 5ft x 6ft3
Short Super King (180x190) 180 190 6ft x 6ft3