Zip & Link Beds

Convert one bed into two. Ideal for guest rooms where you might need flexible sleeping arrangements. Or to make your escape when the snoring gets too much. Thee beds pair up well with our Zip & Link mattresses.

Zip & Link Firm Top Divan Base

from £259.00
6 sizes 22 colours

Éclat Premium Zip & Link Divan Base

from £299.00
6 sizes 23 colours

Fortis Premium Zip & Link Divan Base

from £439.00
4 sizes 24 colours

What is a zip and link bed?

Get two beds for the price of one. Zip and link beds, or zip link beds, join together to form at least a UK king size bed and separate to create two single beds. Simply zip the mattresses together and connect the bed bases with joining bars. Get yours in one of four sizes, upholstered in a wide choice of fabrics and add two to four drawers to turn your zip and link bed into a storage bed.

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