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6 Ways Sleep Changed Forever in 2017

You loved our surprising sleep secrets so much, that we’ve treated you to a second batch of sleep discoveries made so far this year…

7th June, 2017
by Carl Walsh

You loved our surprising sleep secrets so much, that we’ve treated you to a second batch of sleep discoveries made so far this year…

Scientists, university professors and gym owners are continuously shedding new light on the importance of sleep and the best ways to do it. So let’s get your knowledge bang up to date, half way through 2017…

1. Gyms held napping classes

Napercise classes saw treadmills swapped for single beds, work out music for dreamy atmospheric sounds and the air-con turned up a notch. See, cold bedrooms help you sleep easier, as well as reducing your risk of wrinkles and diabetes. Exhausted parents felt more positive and alert after a 45 minute nap at the ’40 Winks Workout’.

The classes proved so successful at Sidcup that they might run across the country, so keep an eye out. And if you’re anxious about sleeping in public, don’t be, the Japanese have done it for over a thousand years and sleep can make you run faster.


2. Loneliness is a confirmed cause of sleep loss

Old street black and white photo

Everything from your age to your gender and even your postcode could make it harder for you to fall asleep. But experts at King’s College London have added loneliness into the mix, particularly in young adults aged 18 or 19. A study of 2,200 Brits, published in the Psychological Medicine journal, said that lonely young people experience lower quality sleep. Perhaps another reason to join a Napercise class?

3. Pink noise became the key to deeper sleep

Think rushing waterfalls or gentle sounds that match the rhythm of your brain waves. Pink noises are great at sending you into deeper sleep, where you manage your memories and hormones. Phyllis Zee, professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said pink noise can boost your memory and make your brain healthier.

4. Beauty sleep is actually real

Okay, we’ll level with you, beauty sleep isn’t brand new. But new research claims that it’s real – a bad night’s sleep will make you feel terrible on the inside and out, because you’ll look ‘significantly uglier’. And by that, experts mean, ‘a sleep-deprived, tired looking face with dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyelids is perceived as less attractive and less healthy’. Oh, and people might avoid you, because sleepiness makes you seem less approachable.

So, cut yourself some slack. If your bed or mattress looks as tired and ‘ugly’ as you ‘do’, perhaps it’s time to replace it.

5. Sunday is the worst night for sleep

Sunday box

 Sunday dreads are wreaking havoc on your sleep, according to a YouGov survey of 4,279 Americans and Brits – 23% said Sunday was the most difficult night to sleep, blaming it on job-related worries such as going back to work, deadlines, meetings and seeing colleagues again.

Here’s how to destress and relax your mind for a better nights’ sleep on Sunday or any other day. And it’s worth sticking to your normal bedtime routine seven nights a week to keep your body clock running to time.

6. Babies sleep longer in their own room

Playing guitar

Mummy bloggers shared lots of tips for you to try to get your little ones off to sleep easily. But if your little one’s over 6 months old, they could lose 40 minutes sleep when they kip in your bedroom. It’s because you’re four times more likely to take them into your bed or twice as likely to feed them back to sleep when they wake up. And ultimately, the youngsters lose the ability to soothe themselves. But don’t worry, they’ll still get the recommended amount of shuteye.

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