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How to Build Your Ottoman Divan Bed Base

Whether you ordered an end-opening or side-opening Ottoman divan bed, these instructions will help you build it in no time at all…

13th September, 2017
by Carl Walsh

Whether you ordered an end-opening or side-opening Ottoman divan bed, one of the most daunting things is considering how you’re going to actually builds it. Fortunately for you, we’ve made your life easier by putting together a step by step guide to help you build it in no time at all… 

Your Ottoman divan bed base will arrive in two sections, unless you ordered a single Ottoman bed, but fear not, here’s how you join them together, attach the feet of your bed and your headboard.

1. Gather your tools

Before you start building your bed you need to gather the necessary tools to help build your bed. Find your own hammer and double check you have the right number of accessories in the plastic bag provided with your Ottoman divan bed base. 

You can find the tools you’ll need here :

2. Remove all of the packaging carefully

Remove all of the packaging carefully, making sure you don’t misplace any of the important items within the box! You’ll need to remove the staples that secure the corner protectors to your Ottoman bed. 

Once the bed has been fully unpacked, we’ll even remove the packaging for you to save you the hassle! 

Warning: the lid straps will spring open, unless you place your hand on top of them and slowly release them.

3. Turn your Ottoman divan bed base upside-down

Insert a glider into the socket on each corner and gently tap them into place gently with your hammer. Make sure their secure and won’t fall out.

4. Push your bed bases together

If your Ottoman divan arrives in two sections or more, push them together, flat end to flat end, and secure them with two joining clips – place one clip behind, and the second in front, of the lifting piston/spring. Push down on the clips to fix them in place. Make sure the bed is properly pushed together and there are no gaps. 

Screw the lid joining bolt into the recess on the top of your bed base and make sure the bed is fully joined and secure in the middle.

5. Attach your headboard to your Ottoman divan bed base

Headboards with struts

Remove the spacers from your headboard bolts and any stickers covering the bolt holes on your headboard – these will be approximately 15cm from the edge of your bed. Insert your headboard through the bolt holes, check it’s level and tighten the bolts securely.

Floor-standing headboards

Line up your headboard with the bolt holes on your Ottoman divan bed base. Slide the headboard bolt through the slot in your headboard, put a spacer on the end and then screw it into your bed base. 

You’ll then be ready to push your headboard and bed into place against your wall. Take some time to stand back and admire all your hard work. 

Do you have a small bedroom space and are struggling to find a bed that fits? Take a look at our guide for finding the best small beds for small spaces.

Keep your Ottoman bed in good shape

Keeping your Ottoman bed in good shape is incredibly important to ensure it’s a long term solution for your bedroom.  Keep your new Ottoman divan bed hygienic and bed bug free with a mattress protector, mattress topper or easy-iron fitted sheets – Egyptian cotton sheets with 200, 400 or 100 thread count. 

Shop our collection of handmade and machine washable bedding to complete your bed, ready for your first night’s sleep on your new Ottoman divan. Add a hotel premium quality feel to your bed with our range of duvets that add a real touch of quality to your new Ottoman. 

Do you need your old bed, headboard or mattress removing?

If you have an old mattress, headboard or bed frame that needs removing, then we can help. We’ll remove and recycle your old mattress, headboard, or bed when you buy a replacement with us. You simply select the option at checkout. Allow us to make your life as easy as possible so you can enjoy your new bed in peace. 

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