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Types Of Storage For Small Rooms

When you have small space to play with, you really need to make the most of the room especially in your bedroom.

25th April, 2018
by Carl Walsh

When you only have a small space to play with, you really need to make the most of the room you do have. That’s why taking a creative approach to storage solutions can really pay off, especially in your bedroom.

Getting properly organised won’t just give you somewhere to hide away your clutter and keep your surfaces tidy. It could also help you clear floor space and get rid of surplus furniture. Let’s explore a few storage options for small bedrooms, so you can get back to enjoying a cleaner and calmer environment.

1. Organise your wardrobe

If your bedroom is on the compact side, you may find that clothes are the biggest issue when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy. The first step is to have a good clear-out and see what you actually need and use. Then, once you’ve rationalised what you have, it’s time to put the right organisers in place.

If your wardrobe just has a long hanging bar and a shelf, that just won’t cut it in a compact bedroom. You could have a good look around for a new wardrobe that gives you greater storage options, such as in-built drawers, a shoe rack, or more shelves. Or you could improvise and improve your current wardrobe instead. Why not incorporate hanging shelves for t-shirts or over-door racks for your shoes? You could even add hooks to the inside of the doors to hang your coat or dressing gown.

organise your wardrobe

2. Check your chest of drawers

If you’ve got space for a chest of drawers, you need to make sure it’s as organised as possible. Folding your clothes perfectly is a good start, then all you need is drawer dividers to finish the job. This means you can see clearly what belongs where, and you know you’re making the most of the space you have.

You could also add small storage boxes to accommodate your jewelry and other bits and bobs. And if as for out-of-season clothing, you could embrace vacuum-packing and keep the things you don’t need out of the way for a while.

check your chest of drawers

3. Explore every nook

Your shelves don’t have to be freestanding units or long expanses covering half your wall. When you’ve only got a small space to play with, narrow or corner shelves tucked away can make all the difference. They could be the perfect place for your books, your perfume or other items; and as you keep them looking neat and tidy, they could make great decorative features.

explore ever nook

4. Choose double-duty furniture

Multi-functional pieces are perfect for small-space storage. For example, if you don’t have room for a bedside table and a chest of drawers, don’t try and double-up – a mid-sized chest of drawers will give you a surface for your lamp and alarm clock, while the drawers will provide a handy place for some clothes. Using small storage units instead of a table will also help you squeeze in some extra storage.

choose double duty furniture

5. Get a divan bed

You can make sure your bed is double-duty, too - which can make a massive difference to the amount of storage you have in your bedroom. Single and double divan beds can be a simple but smart solution because they give you the extra storage that’s neatly tucked away beneath your bed. Divan beds with built-in drawers are ideal for accessing everyday items like clothes, while ottoman-style lifting beds are great for hiding away things that you use less often.

When you take your pick from our extensive selection of divan beds, you know you won’t have to compromise on comfort either. They can all come fitted with drawers for your convenience. We can also make custom-size divan bases, for those who need to fit their divan base into small or awkward spaces. 

get a divan base

Getting a custom-sized bed for your small bedroom 

Getting a custom-sized bed for your small bedroom is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your space. 

If you get a custom-sized bed, you can make sure you're utilising every inch of your bedroom space efficiently, and you can be ensured this will free up space for more storage solutions. 

If you have a small and awkward-sized bedroom, getting a bespoke bed will mean you can customise the dimensions so they are suited to your needs. If you are short in size, you might find that you don't actually need a standard length bed, and so getting a short custom-sized bed could work in your favour, and could save space in your small bedroom at the same time. 

It could be that your bed needs to fit into an awkward corner of your bedroom, if this is the case, getting a custom-sized divan base might work for you. Bed Guru can customise divan bases so they are made in separate parts, meaning the maneuvering of the base is easy, and you can fit the base into compromising spaces easily. 

If you think you might need a bespoke bed or mattress, you can read Bed Guru's blog post on the 5 reasons why you should get a custom size bed or mattress

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