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How To Hide Clutter | Advice

Read our blog post on How To Hide Clutter in your Bedroom and keep your home neat and tidy from Bed Guru the online sleep specialists.

20th April, 2018
by Carl Walsh

No matter what size your house is, it’s all too easy to gather clutter – especially in your bedroom. Even having a few things lying around can make the place look messy. If this sounds familiar, it’s about time you thought about finding a place for all those bits and bobs.

Of course, nobody’s perfect, and we can all be untidy every now and again – but taking a little time to get organised and make the most of your space really can make all the difference. Have a quick read through our top tips and your bedroom will look and feel better in no time at all.

Have a spring clean

This is definitely the most sensible place to start. Your first step is to get rid of anything you don’t need – and that means all those things that you don’t use anymore but are still taking up precious space. If there are clothes you haven’t worn for years, give them to a charity shop or sell them online. If you’ve got piles and piles of old magazines hanging around, recycle them. It’s easy to be sentimental about things like this, but if there’s something you no longer have a use for, then there are much better things you can do with the room. And freeing up space is bound to make you feel better about your bedroom.

cleaning with glove and cloth

Make storage a priority

Every uncluttered bedroom needs storage in abundance. If you’ve got ample space to store your stuff, then it’s plain sailing from there. Whether you’ve got a stack of books, a pile or clothes, or lots of smart devices, there’s a storage solution out there for you. You could pop a bookcase in the corner of your bedroom, or add shelves to your wall. Or you could even get yourself an ottoman that will hide just about anything. If you really want to get organised, then how about adding dividers to your chest of drawers? That way, everything can have its place.    

Speaking of storage…

Get a divan bed

When it comes to making the most of your bedroom, then making more of your bed is a great idea. On top of all that other storage, a divan bed will give you ever more room to hide your stuff away – as well as a comfy place to sleep. Divan beds are available with discrete storage drawers – which is ideal for hiding away seasonal clothes and other items that you don’t use all that often. Having extra storage tucked away inside your bed means you could even free up space elsewhere in your bedroom. And with this in mind, it’s a particularly practical solution if your room is on the smaller side.   

divan bed in bedroom

Make the most of your wardrobe

Don’t you hate it when you can’t see what’s actually in your wardrobe? If you don’t have a well-organised wardrobe, your clothes may well end up on the floor instead – at best, they’ll be stuffed onto a single rail and your clothes will become creased. Instead of cramming your wardrobe full, it’s about time you got a little smarter.

You could opt for a wardrobe with drawers and compartments built in, which will help you section out your different types of clothes. That way, you can see what you’re working with and you know exactly where each item goes. You’ll also have more surfaces to store other things, which will free up other surfaces in your room. Don’t forget to make the most of the back of the wardrobe door either – it’s the perfect place to add hanging storage pockets and hooks for jackets and belts.

Keep it simple

Like we said, we’re all prone to making a mess from time to time, so it helps if the décor of your bedroom is designed to balance out occasional clutter. One way to do it is by keeping the colour palette nice and neutral, which will give you a clean finish. Try and keep things as minimalist as possible – by selecting an elegant colours and natural materials to ensure a simple yet sophisticated finish.

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