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4 Fun Ways to Spruce up Your Kids’ Bedroom Walls

Does your kid’s bedroom look tired? Experiment with one of these quirky ideas to create a space that’s uniquely theirs with Bed Guru's help...

28th September, 2016
by Carl Walsh

Does your kid’s bedroom look tired? Experiment with one of these quirky ideas to create a space that’s uniquely theirs…

You know we have your kids’ beds covered, but when it comes to the four walls that surround it, you have options too. Your child’s bedroom is the one room where you can be bold and create something fun in your home, so put one of these four ideas into practise – not only do they look good, but they could help your child as they grow.

1. The blackboard bedroom wall


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Encouraging your kids to scribble on the walls will feel alien, but these are special chalkboard walls that you create with chalkboard paint. You and the kids can create whatever design you like and just rub it off when you fancy a change – saving you the hassle of constantly
repainting it.

Write your little one’s name above their bed, sketch their favourite cartoon characters or let them do it their way – your toddler could learn to write on their blackboard wall, while your teen gets artsy or maybe revise for school. You’d think it’d make your bedroom feel darker or smaller, but blackboard bedroom walls can blur the edges of the room, giving the illusion of more space. Win, win.

2. The statement bedroom wall

Revamping your kid’s bedroom could be as simple as creating a classic feature wall. Keep three walls plain and cover the one behind your kid’s headboard with wallpaper. Pick something they like now, but won’t embarrass them when they’re older – think classic patterns in their favourite colour, instead of a theme they could outgrow. Not only will you highlight the main feature of the room, their bed, but you’ll help them sleep, by keeping the distracting fun wall behind
their head.

3. The freshly painted bedroom wall


A photo posted by little P (@littlepforlittlepeople) on

A lick of paint could bring your bedroom bang up to date, but colours affect your child’s mood and therefore their ability to sleep, so choosing one shouldn’t only be a style conscious decision. Bedrooms are for sleeping in after all, so energizing and exciting reds are a no go for restless kids. Orange, however, could put them at ease, calming greens reduce anxiety and soothing blues lower heart rates and help your kid to sleep.

Neutral and earthy tones are very calming and relaxing, but if you’re worried that off white, grey, beige or taupe are too mature for your little one, just punctuate the room with colour – on pillows and bedspreads. If you still want to go wild with the boldest colours, try to get them in pastel shades so they’re less distracting.

4. The frame covered bedroom wall


A photo posted by Sarah (@casa_williams) on

Whether you buy some cheap picture frames or get crafty and make your own with the kids, covering a bedroom wall with them is another simple way to revamp your kid’s bedroom – so the more the merrier. Fill them with whatever you like, from drawings they did in school and photos of the family to posters they love. It couldn’t be easier to swap out the pictures as they grow older, so how can they outgrow their bedroom? You could also hang a string of fairy lights around their favourite picture to give it added wow factor.

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