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5 Mattresses for Restless Sleepers

Find out more about the best mattresses for the restless sleepers amongst us. Read more on the Bed Guru blog.

15th May, 2019
by Carl Walsh

We all know a restless sleeper, and there’s a good chance you sleep next to one. Restless sleepers can cause sleep deprivation for their fellow bed sharer, so sorting the issue out is healthy for both you and your relationship.

We’ve compiled our top 5 mattresses to help you to solve your sleeping issues and ensure that both you and your partner have the best night’s sleep possible.

There are a number of reasons for being a restless sleeper, with a poll by the National Sleep Foundation suggesting 98% of us agree that a comfortable pillow is key to a good night’s sleep. But what about a comfy mattress?

A comfy mattress is vital in achieving a good night’s sleep. If your mattress is older than 8 years, a new one might make your restless sleeping days a thing of the past.

Annoyed women

1 - Bespoke Mattresses

Bespoke mattresses are created specifically to fill unique bed frames and spaces, providing you with a comfortable sleeping experience. Whether you need a wider mattress to give yourself more space, a firmer or softer mattress depending on your preference, or a longer mattress for the tall folk amongst us, bespoke mattresses are made to match your needs.

Customisable firmness options allow you to pick how firm you want your mattress to be. Firmer mattresses help to improve your posture, so if you’re struggling with back issues, a firmer mattress may offer you more support. And the more support you have, the less likely you’ll be to kick and turn whilst you sleep.

Women asleep


2 - Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are regarded as one of the most popular types of mattress for their ability to mould to your body. This technology isolates movement and minimises the motion transferred between two sleepers on the same mattress. So with the restless sleepers’ movement contained, you’re both more likely to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses can also help you to avoid restless nights long-term. Body heat causes memory foam mattresses to mould to your shape, improving your posture and offering relief from aches and pains whilst you sleep. You’ll find a range of firmness ratings depending on your comfort needs.

Bed frame and mattress

3 - Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattresses are firmer than your standard mattress and are brilliant at distributing your weight. They are designed to offer your back, neck and hips additional support, so you can wake up without that horrible achy feeling.

Orthopaedic mattresses provide firmer support, and don’t have the bounce of more traditional pocket sprung mattresses. This essentially means if someone is constantly moving in their sleep, it won’t cause a ripple motion and  disturb the other person.

Bed and mattress

4 - Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are a great choice due to the natural materials within the mattress that conform to your movement, and evenly distribute your weight across the mattress. This is ideal for couples sharing beds.

As a material, latex is remarkably responsive which eases the pressure on your body during sleep. This vastly improves your quality of sleep. Latex mattresses are regarded as one of the best alternatives to memory foam mattresses, as the cushioning layers of springy latex foam hold their shape like memory foam, and also reduce the impact of allergies.  


5 - Couples Mattress

Couples mattresses are specifically designed to suit the needs of both sleepers and reduce the impact a restless sleeper has on the other person. One side is specifically built for your partner, to suit their height, weight and sleep position. The other side is uniquely yours. This creates the perfect conditions for undisturbed sleep for both of you and helps to prevent any restless night’s sleep.

One of the main causes of restless sleep is overheating whilst you sleep. Couples mattresses have mattress cooling technology to help keep you cool, keeping you at an ideal temperature of around 20 degrees celsius. They are pocket sprung and filled with 6 different fillings including wool and cashmere for maximum comfort.  

Bed in bright bedroom

If restless night’s are getting the better of you and it’s time for a new mattress, contact us today with your requirements and we’ll help you get your perfect night’s sleep.

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