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5 proven ways to make your small space feel bigger

If you have a small bedroom space, there are a number of ways you can make it feel bigger. Read on to find out more.

17th September, 2019
by Carl Walsh

If you live in a small space, you'll know that every inch counts. But fear not, aspiring space savers. We've put together 5 proven ways to make your small space feel bigger. Here's how.

Think big with furnishings

It's tempting to compensate for living in a small space by filling it with smaller furniture, frames, ornaments, and decorations. But in fact, the key to creating space is the opposite. 

A handful of well-chosen large pieces in a room draws your attention to the space between them. Try one huge piece of wall art over a collection of smaller frames. Or an oversized floor standing lamp over many smaller lamps overcrowding your surfaces.

Resist the urge to push everything against the walls to create a more airy atmosphere, and as an added bonus, dusting becomes a lot easier!

think big with furnishings

Cut down on clutter

Over time it's natural to accumulate things you don't need. That's life. But if you let clutter pile up, it'll soon take control of your home and make it feel much smaller.

But before you go stuffing things into storage and pretending they don't exist, do this instead. Pick up each item and ask yourself, "do I need this?" Not in 6 months or a year. "Do I need this today or tomorrow?" "Why am I holding onto this?" "Does it add value to my life?" If you hesitate or answer is no to any of the above, get rid. Or better yet, donate unwanted clothes, furnishings, and knickknacks to charity.

Be ruthless, and don't let the sentimental value of possessions get in the way of a clutter-free home. You'll do your bit for a good cause and create more space to appreciate the things you really love.

cut down on clutter

Avoid dark colours

Sometimes, creating the illusion of space is as important as creating physical space. You can't make your room bigger, so changing the colour of your walls is the next best thing. In a small room, stay away from big, bold patterns and dark colours on your walls.

This will make it feel more cluttered and closed rather than open and airy. Instead, you’ll be better served by having a light, neutral shade on walls and ceilings. Your bedroom will feel lighter, brighter, and altogether more spacious.

avoid dark colours

Be smart with storage

Small spaces need smart storage. One of the best ways to incorporate smart storage into a room is by getting extra use out of the furniture you need.

Your bed likely takes up most of your bedroom, so why not make the most of it with a storage divan base? Ours come with free delivery to a room of your choice. And we'll even take away any packaging on our way out.

If you’re really limited on space opt instead for end or side-opening Ottoman style beds. These let you lift the entire mattress to reveal plenty of space for bulky bedding or winter clothes.

be smart with storage

Trick the senses with a mirror

Another useful illusion to create more space involves the strategic use of mirrors around your home. Angle your mirrors towards light sources to bounce light and create the illusion of depth.

If you have a room with only one window, place a mirror opposite the window to reflect the outdoors and effectively fake another window.

For small bedrooms, a large mirror behind your bed can create a great focal point. Or use floor-length mirrors behind any furniture to create a unique statement piece.

trick the senses

Get a custom-sized bed

If you have a small bedroom space, you could make it feel bigger by getting a custom-sized bed. With Bed Guru custom-size bed service, you can have get a bed frame, divan base or mattress with dimensions that suit you. 

If you have an awkward space that you need to fit your bed into, or if you find that you don't need a bed that is as big as standard sizes, then a bespoke Bed Guru bed could be the one for you. 

To learn about all the reasons why a custom-size bed might work for you, check out the 5 reasons you need to get a custom-size bed here

custom size bed

Top tip: get the legs out

Opt for chairs, sofas, TV stands, and tables with exposed legs over those with skirts or boxed bases. The visible space beneath each piece of furniture takes up less floor space and creates the illusion of extra room.

In summary

Living in a smaller space doesn’t have to mean compromise. It comes with a host of positives that can make you the envy of large homeowners everywhere.

It gives you a reason to stop accumulating things you don't need and teaches you to be more selective about design choices. All while saving you money. 

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