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Are Ottoman Beds Dangerous?

People often ask us, are Ottoman Beds really dangerous? Find out in our latest blog post over on the Bed Guru website.

6th September, 2018
by Carl Walsh

Ottoman bases are relative newcomers to the vast and varied world of beds. They’re becoming increasingly popular with people looking to make the most of their space and maximise bedroom storage. In this guide, we’ll talk through the function of an ottoman bed – including safety features and what to look for when buying an ottoman bed.

What’s an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed enables the top part of the bed (where the mattress sits) to be lifted up. Underneath, you’ll find storage space within the box frames. Ottoman beds usually have a bigger capacity than a four-drawer divan base gives you.  

What safety features does an ottoman bed have?

Ottoman bed bases are usually fitted with gas struts, which are designed to hold the full weight of the mattress when rising up or down. You can see the same system in action when you lift and close a car boot.  This system doesn’t just aid the lifting the mattress – it also stops any sudden movements from occurring, including preventing the lid or mattress from slamming down.

What should I look out for when buying an ottoman bed?

Whenever you’re buying a bed – regardless of the type – you always need to look out for high quality and sound construction. When purchasing online, be sure to read the descriptions carefully and only purchase from reputable retailers (like the Bed Guru).

It’s important to know that your ottoman bed is solidly made, particularly as they’ll need to be capable of lifting anywhere between 40-80kg (if you have a quality king-size mattress). If you choose a very cheap or poorly made ottoman bed, then it’s likely to collapse under the weight. But when you go for a well-made ottoman bed, the weight of the mattress won’t impact the efficiency of the lifting mechanism.


Ottoman beds


What are your options?

Three different types of ottoman bed are available:

  • The top is hinged from the side - The mattress raises on its side to provide access to your storage.
  • The top is hinged from the headboard - The mattress raises up from the foot of your mattress to provide access to your storage.
  • The top is hinged from the middle - While the other two designs open fully, this option is hinged from the middle of the mattress and only opens halfway.

Are ottomans beds heavy to lift?

While you do need some strength to lift the mattress initially, you'll have no trouble once the gas struts kick into action. With this in mind, it's essential to ensure the gas struts are appropriate for the weight of your mattress.

If you have a very high-quality mattress, keep in mind that it's likely to be very heavy; in this is the case for you, and you need a bed with built-in storage, a divan with drawers may be a better option.

How secure is the mattress on an ottoman bed?

The majority of ottoman beds feature either a sprung slat bed base or a non-slip top. These features are designed to support and hold the mattress securely in place – so you don’t have to worry about the mattress sliding off when you raise the base, and your headboard won’t get damaged either. If you have a side-opening ottoman bed, then one side of the bed frame is higher than the other – meaning the mattress can stay firmly in place when lifted.  

Is an ottoman bed a good option for children?

Beds with storage can be an excellent solution for kids' bedrooms. Rather than choosing an ottoman bed, a divan bed with built-in drawers can be a better option. That way, they’ll have somewhere to keep their clothes and toys, but you won’t have to worry about needing to lift up a mattress to access them.

Where can I find a safe ottoman bed?

You can find a wide range of safe ottoman beds available here at Bed Guru. Take your pick from single, double or king-size ottoman beds, as well as side-opening, end-opening or half-opening options. Plus, you can have it upholstered your way, and make the most of free delivery in England and Wales.

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